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Ashley Highfield departs William Hill as Corporate Responsibility Chair

first_img Gamesys tops list for GambleAware Q1 donations July 10, 2020 SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Related Articles Share FTSE-listed William Hill Plc has confirmed that Ashley Highfield has formally stepped down as a Non-executive director, departing the firm’s corporate advisory team.As a governance advisor, Highfield headed up William Hill’s Corporate Responsibility Committee.Last October, the FTSE bookmaker confirmed that former Betfair Group Plc Chief Executive Mark Brooker would replace Highfield as Committee Chair.In 2016, restructuring William Hill governance, Group Chairman Gareth Davis appointed Brooker as a corporate Non-Executive advisor, alongside former Tesco executive Robin Terrell and former Coral Interactive MD John O’Reilly.William Hill governance details that it reviews its ‘the composition of its Board committees’ on a periodical basis.Further to its update, William Hill’s Board has approved changes to the composition of the Audit & Risk Management Committee, which will now comprise of David Lowden as Chair, assisted by Mark Brooker, John O’Reilly and Robin Terrell with immediate effect.In 2017, William Hill has undertaken an executive leadership restructure, promoting Philip Bowcock to Group CEO, supported with the appointment of new CFO Ruth Prior, joinging the operator from international payments firm WorldPay Plc William Hill accelerates transformation agenda to overcome COVID realities August 5, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

Wiwigs AMAZING Face Frame Soft Medium BoB Jet Ladies Wig skin top Hair UK – Fairly good dress up wig!

first_imgFairly good dress up wig! Very good quality wig, a bit on the shiny side but perfect for a fancy dress party. It is a pretty good wig – feels nice and looks fine but i did find that it shed a lot. I bought it for a one off occassion so i didn’t mind too much. Just as described, is very good quality.Here are the specifications for the Wiwigs AMAZING Face Frame Soft Medium BoB Jet Ladies Wig skin top Hair UK:Brand New, authentic Wiwigs® product; You will be amazed by the quality. Wearing it can bring you more confidence and attraction. Wiwigs Stylish Hair Store is the only authorised seller of Wiwigs® products in the UK.Colour: JET BLACK; Length: 12 inchesMaterial: Top Quality Synthetic Hair. Feel like real hair. 100% originated from Japan. It is both natural looking and soft touch. Best in wigs and hair extensions.Head size: Adjustable size to fit head circumference approx. 20 – 23 inches. Most head sizes are within this range. Customers can adjust the hook inside the wig to get the right size for yourself.Very quick dispatch from London with next day delivery option. Estimated delivery: 1-2 working days within the UK; 1-2 weeks to European countries. 1-3 weeks to the rest of the world. I purchased this wig for a life size mannequin of selene (death dealer) from underworld. The length is slightly long for what i needed but with a little customization and frizzing it up a little this will be perfect. Would highly recommend this item and seller. Reviews from purchasers :Five Stars Posted on April 7, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories WigsTags Wiwigs SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-04-07 10:59:57Reviewed Item AMAZING Face Frame Soft Medium BoB Jet Black Ladies Wig skin top Hair WIWIGS UKRating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  5  reviewslast_img read more

SmokeConnectFX: The Matchbox Node

first_imgLearn how to program your own effects using GLSL Shaders and create your own nodes with the Matchbox node inside Autodesk Smoke 2013’s ConnectFX.With Smoke 2013’s ConnectFX Nodes there is almost nothing you can’t do.  So you may be wondering if there is a way to script your own effects. Well, Smoke has a node to help with that too. The Matchbox Node is a scriptable node built around the OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) to allow you to create your own shader effects.  I am not a coder or programmer, so for me scripting my own effect isn’t really in my wheelhouse. But for those comfortable crafting code, the Smoke Matchbox Node can be quite powerful.The Matchbox Node does come with a few interesting presets that can be useful.  When you enter the Matchbox Node you are taken to the Matchbox effects located in /usr/discreet//matchbox. The presets include Add, Color Noise, Color Replace, Cross Hatching, Dots, Fabric, Gradient Map, Matte to ZDepth, Median Filter, MipsMaps, Nan Replace, Noise, Posterize, Ripples, Sharpen, Switcher, Twirl, Vignetting, Warp, ZComp, ZFog, ZGlow, ZMatte, ZRays.  You must choose an effect first. Then you will be sent to the Matchbox UI.[Click on images for larger view]Now a lot of these effects can be accomplished in other CFX Nodes, and can be done better there and with more controls. But these presets are more examples of what can be done.  They are also there so that you can examine the code to see how the GLSL syntax works.Some of the more useful presets are Dots & Fabrics that create some interesting visual effects not possible in other nodes. The ‘Z’ effects are also interesting, as they allow you some quick manipulations using a Z Depth output from Action.One very useful effect to use in your ConnectFX schematic is the Switcher. The Switcher allows you to pipe up to 6 different sources into the Matchbox Node and  keyframe which input ultimately sent to the output of the node. This allows you to switch from inout to input, much like a router or video switcher.  You can even dissolve between the sources, as well as cut.  This Matchbox effect makes it very useful for doing some simple cuts or mixes in one path of your CFX pipeline.How to create your own Matchbox effects:The basic steps for creating your own effects are:1. Write or Copy/Paste GLSL code in a text file and save with .glsl extensionNote: I had issues with the text editor  app in OSX as it saves with a lot of hidden characters.  I would suggest a programming text editor like Text Wrangler. 2. Test the code by running it through the test_shader script located in /usr/discreet//bin/Open up a Terminal in OSX, [Utilities >Terminal.app]Type cd /usr/discreet//bin   [Enter] would be the folder name of your current version of Smoke. You can    Shift+CMD+G in Finder and go to /usr/discreet/ to see what your current version of Smoke is. The Smoke 2013 retail release will be smoke_2013.2Type ./test_shader /3. Fix any errors reported by the test_shader output and test again.4. Package the GLSL code and the XML code together and place them in a folder for use later. You can use /usr/discreet//matchbox, which will keep your effect with the presets or organize them wherever you like. You will just need to navigate to the folder when you want to load your effect.When error free the test_shader output will give you  XML information  to help you set up the UI of the effect. Simply copy the XML shader node description section of the test output into a new file and save it using the same name, but with an .xml extension. Remember to save it with the .glsl file.Autodesk’s Joe Billington has created a great video tutorial and takes you through the process of building a Matchbox effect. His demonstration is on Flame 2012 and Linux, but the same operations apply.If you are feeling brave, or GLSL scripting makes some sense to you, check out the GLSL Sandbox Gallery for a wide variety of effects with cut/paste code.  The code will most likely need to be adjusted to work within the Autodesk Matchbox framework but the test_shader tool should help you along.More info on GLSL Shaders can be found on OpenGL.orglast_img read more

Crisis in Odisha Cong. deepens


Video: SMU’s Chad Morris Did An Absolutely Ridiculous Dance To Celebrate Countdown To Signing Day

first_imgChad Morris leading the SMU Mustangs onto the field.DALLAS, TX – NOVEMBER 26: Head coach Chad Morris of the Southern Methodist Mustangs enters the field before a game against the Navy Midshipmen at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on November 26, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)Chad Morris didn’t just pick up some coaching acumen during his time on Dabo Swinney’s staff. He apparently learned to dance as well. We’re less than three weeks from National Signing Day, but Morris couldn’t wait to break out in dance when thinking about his first full-cycle recruiting class at SMU. And dance he does.In 18 Days the next #StangGang16 will be introduced to our great city of @DallasTX n we gonna Party like….. pic.twitter.com/JEUbcjaNiD— Chad Morris (@coachchadmorris) January 16, 2016SMU’s class currently ranks No. 62 in the country, and No. 2 in the AAC.  That’s solid progress for the Mustangs. Dance on, Coach.last_img read more

Groups cry foul over exclusion from Atlantic ministers meeting on Aboriginal women

first_imgAPTN National NewsAtlantic minister on the status of women have wrapped up a series of meeting on Aboriginal issues.The meetings were held on Prince Edward Island.APTN National News reporter Taryn Dell found out that a major part of the meeting was missing.last_img

We are industry for the medical system we are industry for the

first_imgAPTN National NewsFor the record here is Betsy Bruyere the creator of the Facebook page ‘Critical Analysis of Racial Thoughts’.APTN’s Shirley Mclean interviewed hear at the start of the TRC hearings in Vancouver.last_img

Renzi challenges Italys Democrats over support for 5Stars

first_imgROME – Former Italian Premier Matteo Renzi on Tuesday challenged members of his defeated Democrats to publicly declare if they’ll support the populist 5-Star Movement, throwing down the gauntlet as he tries to prevent his party from fracturing and backing its political nemesis.Analysts say he has reason to worry. Given both the numbers and ideologies, a 5-Star government supported by elements of the Democratic Party may be the most stable and logical solution to Italy’s inconclusive elections.Renzi has said he would resign as party chair given the Democratic Party’s disastrous showing of less than 23 per cent of the vote — the worst result ever for the left.And he pledged the Democrats wouldn’t align with either the 5-Stars, which emerged from the election as the single-biggest party with 32 per cent of the vote, or the centre-right coalition, led by the anti-immigrant League, with 37 per cent.In a Facebook message Tuesday that suggested defections were a real threat, Renzi reminded his supporters that both the 5-Stars and the League “represent the opposite of our values.”“They’re anti-European, anti-political and have used a language of hatred,” Renzi wrote. “They said we were corrupt, mafiosi, and that we have blood on our hands because of immigration. I don’t think they’ve changed their mind overnight.”“For me, the Democratic Party has to be where the people put us: in the opposition,” Renzi wrote. “If anyone from our party thinks otherwise, let him or her say so,” either in an upcoming party meeting or in Parliament.The success of the 5-Stars, a grassroots internet-based movement that only was launched nine years ago, came in great part at the expense of the Democrats, including in their onetime stronghold of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy.Researchers at the Bologna-based Cattaneo Institute, analyzing data from a select number of cities, concluded that of the 2.6 million voters the Democrats lost since the 2013 general election, “relevant numbers” went to the 5-Stars, as well as to a lesser degree the League and a new left-wing party.“All this indicates that the 5-Stars are the Democrats’ competitors, offering electors a ‘truer’ left than that embodied by a leader like Renzi,” the researchers said.As a result, analysts say, Renzi has reason to be concerned about the rank-and-file’s intentions.“I always start from the numbers. And the numbers tell me there are not many coalitions available,” said Roberto D’Alimonte, a political scientist at Rome’s LUISS University. “Today it looks very strange. But after a few weeks of useless searching, I think … it won’t look so strange.”Paolo Magri, director of the ISPI think-tank in Milan, said precisely because many of the 5-Stars’ new voters hailed previously from the Democratic Party, “a tie-up with the (Democrats) is more acceptable than with the League.”“The 5-Star program is so malleable that it allows different readings,” he told The Associated Press. “The legitimate choice of the 5-Stars was to water down themes more crucial to the program so they would be appealing to both ends of the spectrum.”The 5-Stars call themselves a grassroots “direct democracy” movement, with members voting for candidates and platforms via its online platform. The 5-Stars defy typical left-right ideology, espousing a platform that is green and anti-bank, and for the campaign, included a proposed monthly payment to Italians just for being citizens.The 5-Stars have evolved since the last parliamentary election when they refused to deal with any party, and want to become “the new establishment,” D’Alimonte said.“From anti-establishment to new establishment, and they want to gain credibility,” which they can do more effectively with the Democrats than with the extremists of the League, D’Alimonte said.Indeed, while both the League and the 5-Stars often share the euroskeptic and populist monikers, such labels paper over their differences.“The League is ideologically euroskeptical. The 5-Stars are tactically euroskeptical,” Magri said.Silvio Berlusconi, the three-time premier who dominated Italian politics for the past quarter century, was left in the dust of the election aftermath. In a major upset, his Forza Italia party came in second to the League within the centre-right.In his first comments since the election outcome, the 81-year-old Berlusconi said the results would have been different if he hadn’t been prevented from running as a candidate because of a tax fraud conviction. But he insisted he was still the head of Forza Italia, the “director of the centre-right and the guarantor of the cohesiveness of the coalition.”___Colleen Barry contributed from Milan.last_img read more

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the

first_imgTORONTO – Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:What’s next for NAFTA?Negotiators for Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are under the gun to make headway on a new NAFTA deal after passing the unofficial deadline of May 17, put in place to give Congress enough time to vote on it by the end of the year. Canadian officials say a deal is “close” but issues such as auto-sector content rules and a U.S.-proposed five-year sunset clause remain sticking points.Wholesale tradeStatistics Canada releases the wholesale trade figures for March on Tuesday. The agency said wholesale sales fell 0.8 per cent to $62.8 billion in February, the largest downward move and the second monthly drop since September 2017.Bank earnings kickoffCIBC will report second-quarter results on Wednesday, the first of the big banks to do so. The bank recently raised its posted five-year fixed-rate mortgage rate by 15 basis points, from 4.99 per cent to 5.14 per cent. The move followed similar announcements from Royal Bank and TD Bank, and are a result of rising bond yields.Royal updateRoyal Bank releases second-quarter results on Thursday. RBC CEO David McKay recently said that large tech companies pose a threat to banks, as their command of data allows them to not only deduce what customers’ needs are and direct them to preferred financial institutions, but also get into banking themselves.Latest from TDTD Bank reports its second-quarter results on Thursday. The bank recently followed Bank of Montreal by lowering its five-year variable closed rate to 2.45 per cent until the end of May. The moves come amid slowing mortgage growth and falling home sales, which hit a five-year low in April.last_img read more

Crude by rail exports rise to record level of more than 300000

first_imgCALGARY, A.B. – The National Energy Board says crude-by-rail exports from Canada rose to a record 327,229 barrels per day in October.That’s up more than 21 percent from 269,829 in September and represents the first time exports by rail have exceeded 300,000 barrels per day _ in October 2017, only 137,000 bpd left the country in railcars.Full export pipelines were blamed for a glut of oil in Western Canada that pressed down a the price for a key benchmark oilsands blend. Western Canadian Select was priced more than US$50 per barrel less that New York benchmark West Texas Intermediate in October.Those differentials have narrowed to around US$15 per barrel since the government of Alberta announced in early December it would impose crude oil production curtailments of 325,000 bpd starting Jan. 1.The province has also promised to buy as many as 80 locomotives and 7,000 rail tankers to help move oil to markets starting in late 2019.Oilsands giant Suncor Energy Inc. warned last week that the tighter differentials have made crude-by-rail shipping “uneconomic.” Analysts estimate it costs about US$20 per barrel to ship Canadian oil by rail to markets on the U.S. Gulf Coast, so differentials that are lower than that make the practise less attractive.last_img read more