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Link To The Annual Vanderburgh County Health Department Report

first_img IF you have any concerns or questions here is your chance to find the answers.  This annual report is extremely detailed and informative.2016 VCHD Annual Report FinalFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Honduras Unleashes Armed Forces’ First Canine Battalion To Fight Crime

first_imgThe Honduran Armed Forces formed the Canine Battalion in December 2014. In May and June, the Military Police dogs detected 18 sacks of marijuana in a Tegucigalpa neighborhood, 132 kilos of cocaine in La Ceiba, and several firearms along the border Honduras shares with Guatemala. Troops deploy Military canines on actual missions only if they’ve demonstrated a success rate of at least 85 percent in sniffing out contraband during training, which lasts 16 weeks for the dogs and their human counterparts. The dogs are divided by their sniffing specialty: narcotics and currency, explosives, and weapons; in the coming months, a new pack will be trained that exclusively specializes in sniffing currency. The First Canine Battalion strengthens law enforcement efforts and serves as a deterrent for delinquents. “Canines rarely fail at the assignments they have been given; where a human can be fooled or lied to, these trained dogs can’t be deceived,” said security analyst Billy Joya. “People who try to fool the system by transporting narcotics, weapons, or money illegally need to know these dogs are true Soldiers and what they do best is serve and protect.” Infantry Lieutenant Colonel José Marcos Ávila Irías, the leader of the innovative Canine Battalion, is pleased to have these strong, driven, allies in the fight against crime. He’s particularly impressed by the olfactory abilities of dogs; their sense of smell is up to 100,000 times greater than that of humans, according to scientists. The part of the canine brain that processes smells is proportionately 40 times larger than that in human brains, and dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, while humans have about six million. The Military Police canines have quickly proven themselves to be valuable in the fight against crime. “The bond between the animal and his guide is fundamental,” Lt. Col. Ávila said. “They are a tight team, they work together. Each Soldier is committed to this partnership. Participation in this unit is not mandatory, but we ask that the participants be willing to engage for the period of the dog’s life. They need to have an affinity for their partners.” The dogs adapted to their new home quickly, learning words in the indigenous languages of Honduras. “We have a glossary for our own school, and they understand commands in Misquito and Garífuna,” Lt. Col. Ávila told Diálogo. “We employ them to avoid distractions when the dogs are working or training.” They’re the 136 loyal, well-trained dogs that make up the country’s First Canine Battalion of the Military Police for Law and Order, which has trained the canines to detect hidden drugs, currency, bombs, and firearms. The dogs have become experts unleashed to thwart the operations of criminal activity in the Central American nation. In all, the canines are capable of tracing twelve different contradband scent tracks. The Military is also planning on training some dogs to detect the scents of injured victims and human remains, an ability which would be useful in rescue and recovery efforts during earthquakes and other natural disasters; additionally, they plan to increase its number of canines by the end of 2015. “We will have a total of 180 dogs when we complete our acquisition process later this year,” Lt. Col. Ávila said. The dogs are being introduced in phases. The current group of 136 dogs vary in breeds between German and Dutch Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Terriers, and Belgian Malinois, a breed the U.S. Secret Service uses to guard the White House. The Military acquires additional canines Soldier Erick Josué Carías and his canine partner, Gladiator, are one such team. In a presentation before the press Carías said he has been with his white Golden Retriever since the dog’s birth, and that they have traveled to different parts of the country together. The dog showed his capacities by finding knives and other weapons during a sweep of the National Penitentiary located in Támara, about 28 kilometers from the capital city. Gladiator and the other Military dogs are on duty at the country’s borders, in the airports of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatán, and supporting customs authorities in the largest maritime port. They are key elements in the operations FUSINA carries out, operations the body of combined forces that has accrued a significant track record by seizing illegal narcotics, capturing prominent drug traffickers and members of extortion networks, and seizing their properties. Developing the Canine Battalion has been a cooperative effort extending across national boundaries. Colombian and Dominican Military trainers helped launch the Honduran Military’s program, and both the Colombian and Dominican Militaries have collaborated in partnership with the U.S. forces to develop and support their own canine programs in previous years. In late March, the Honduran Ministry of National Defense announced the acquisition of 50 more dogs, brought from Colombia. The newest elite members of the Honduran Armed Forces have uncanny ability to sniff out contraband. “With their olfactory capacity and their effectiveness in reducing search times, each dog carries out the work of 30 men,” says Lt. Col. Ávila. “We have increased our capacity to respond by working with them, and we will be able to do even more when the process is consolidated and law-enforcement operators rely more on the dogs’ services.” Military canines detect drugs and weapons “Each team goes out to missions for periods of two weeks,” says Lt. Col. Ávila, a period after which the dog is allotted time to recover and be examined by a veterinarian. The Soldier-dog teams also train together between missions. The dogs are intelligent, alert, energetic and — when they are not working, friendly. Gladiator, named so because of his survival skills, along with Captain, Panther, Milo, and the rest of the Canine Battalion members might be man’s best friend, but they are proving themselves to be the criminals’ worst enemies. Utilizing the olfactory capabilities of canines By Dialogo July 16, 2015last_img read more

Promotion of the virtual tourist card of Karlovac County on the ARZ highway

first_imgThe system of benefits for the end guest is completely free and designed in such a way that the more the guest uses it and the more savings are achieved, currently with 231 partners from the tourism and hospitality sector in the county. Definitely a recommendation for all tourism workers to join the project. Thus, for the first time, the tourist offer was united in one place via a mobile tourist card. The virtual tourist card operates on the principle of a networked offer model with incentives and discounts for tourists who decide to stay in the county. The virtual tourist card of Karlovac County called “In medias res” can be downloaded HERE As one of the first promotional activities, the arrival of guests on the ARZ motorway, more precisely at the entrance to Lučko, was wisely used from Karlovac County. In addition to guests passing through Karlovac County, this is another promotional move aimed at motivating guests to deviate from the highway on the way or return from the sea. Especially for foreign tourists, to spend at least one night, to rest from the road to the Adriatic. Presentation and promotional distribution of the Karlovac County Tourist Card on the ARZ motorway On that occasion, at the exit from the highway in Karlovac, the participants promotionally distributed the Tourist Card to tourists passing through Karlovac County. Photo: Karlovac County The director of the Karlovac County Tourist Board, Dina Begić, said that the information leaflet would be available in all tourist boards and their tourist information centers in Karlovac County, and could be purchased at tourist sites where interest was shown. Photo: Karlovac County At the beginning of July, Karlovac County presented a new tourist product – a tourist application or a virtual tourist card of Karlovac County called “In medias res”. For this occasion, 50 thousand information leaflets were printed, 35 thousand in Croatian and 15 thousand in English, which will be distributed to guests, mostly at the toll booths of the highway in Lučko and Karlovac.last_img read more

Trinity Beach homes prove a hit with online viewers

first_imgREAL ESTATE: Trinity Beach Palace, Trinity Beach Picture: Robert WalshOwned by businessman Otto Buttula and his wife Virginia, the five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion has housed a number of high-profile celebrities over the years.The Cairns Post reported last September that the blue-chip home was expected to collect more than $10 million.“It is extremely quiet but arguably the best beachfront property on Australia’s eastern seaboard,” said selling agent Paul Arthur of Sotheby’s International. Heading south of the city, an Edmonton mansion came in at number four.The 0.47ha property at 12 Struber St was built to perfection and includes a horse paddock and dressage arena.Rounding out the top five was an attractive mid-range home at 7 Gouldian St, Bayview Heights, still on sale for offers in the $470,000s.THE TOP 101. 13 Lookout Tce, Trinity Beach (3 BED, 2 BATH)More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms3 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns3 days ago2. 38 Moresby St, Trinity Beach (6 BED, 4 BATH) 3. 1 Vasey Esp, Trinity Beach (5 BED, 6 BATH)4. 12 Struber St, Edmonton (3 BED, 2 BATH) 5. 7 Gouldian St, Bayview Heights (4 BED, 2 BATH) 6. 2 Beachfront Ave, Trinity Beach (5 BED, 3 BATH) 7. 103-105 Arthur Lyons Dr, Redlynch (5 BED, 3 BATH)8. 14 Cairns St, Cairns North (4 BED, 2 BATH)9. 3 Pine Tree Cl, Bayview Heights (4 BED, 2 BATH)10. 50 Ebony St, Trinity Beach (5 BED, 2 BATH)Source: REA Group 13 Lookout Tce, Trinity BeachTHREE very different Trinity Beach homes have attracted the most views out of Cairns properties listed on realestate.com.au so far this year.Data from REA Group shows that a three-bedroom home at 13 Lookout Tce tops the list, generating the most online viewers between January 1 and April 4.Still on sale for just $435,000, the 500sq m property includes a pool and spectacular mountain views.Selling agent Whitney Westerweel of Cairns Beaches Realty said she wasn’t surprised the home had garnered so much online interest.“This gorgeous little home has blistering value,” she said. “It’s low maintenance and catches the breeze, but it all comes back to affordability.“It really has wow factor about it.” Coming in second was a six-bedroom manor at 38 Moresby St, Trinity Beach, which was listed as “under contract” by Twomey Schriber Property Group.Close to the ocean and with a self-contained granny flat, the 1086sq m property was dubbed “the best buy in Trinity Beach”.The third most viewed property in the Cairns region, according to REA Group, was the esteemed “Trinity Beach Palace”.last_img read more