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Chairs update on semester progress

first_imgBecause of the new Senate structure established this year, student government department chairs no longer attend the weekly meetings to give updates from their various committees.  However, at Wednesday’s meeting, each department head came to give an update on each group’s work so far this semester. “Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what student government has been working on,” student body vice president Katie Rose said.   Director of campus technology Yiting Zheng spoke about new mobile sites and printing problems. “We have added grade and course search to the mobile Notre Dame website [m.nd.edu] so you can access that on your phone, in addition to laundry view and campus maps,” Zheng said.  “We have also been working with printers, both making sure printers in dorms are working and trying to get printers in O’Shaughnessy Hall.” Junior Liza Manfred from the Department of Constituent Services talked about future plans for fielding student suggestions.  “Essentially what we’re going to do from here is act on suggestions and responses we heard and figure out a way to stay in touch with the student body a little more regularly,” Manfred said. The Department of Internal Affairs, represented by senior Ben Noe, is not only responsible for the new Senate structure but also for the creation of the two newest department representatives, athletics and campus ministry. Junior Brendan Dolan represents the athletics department and explained their first initiatives. “Our main goal was to get on board with the Leprechaun Legion,” Dolan said. “We worked on music in the stadium, the ticket sharing program for basketball and trying to get NDTV to stream games that are streamed online at UND.com.” Junior Parker Dwyer updated the group on the Department of Residence Life. “We have been working on the installation of hydration stations in the Rock, Rolf’s and all the halls,” Dwyer said.  “We also submitted an accelerated hand dryer request like the ones in LaFortune [Student Center] and talked with food services to work on doing away with meal times so you can get, say, three meals a day without having to wait for the lunch shift to end and the dinner shift to start.” Junior Michael Masi from the Department of University Affairs discussed the emphasis on campus safety. “After some recent accidents and incidents with cross walks and things like that campus safety has really been a big concern of mine,” Masi said.  “We have expanded Safe Walk services by adding a golf cart to reach towards Saint Mary’s College, Eddy Street Commons and several popular off-campus student housing sites.” Sophomore Ernst Cleofe, head of the Diversity Council, and has been working on three specific goals. “Our three goals have been to continue working with the Diversity Council, trying to figure out where they’re going in the future, trying to keep momentum with the Call to Action movement and promoting a generally welcoming atmosphere on campus,” Cleofe said. Sophomore Matt Devine from the Department of Gender Issues described their attempt to de-formalize the issue of gender interaction on campus. “One of the main pushes we’ve been doing is changing the way we talk about gender on campus or trying to get students to speak about them at all,” Devine said.  “All freshmen attend certain talks to frame the way their four years progress, and we want to make these discussions more informal – not a segmented dialogue but a continuous conversation.”last_img read more

Ancient DNA Recovered from Caves

first_imgNew techniques are allowing scientists to extract ancient DNA from cave soil. But is it really as old as claimed?DNA has a lifetime. It decays. That’s why researchers do not consider it likely that dinosaur DNA will ever be recovered sufficient to make “Jurassic Park” a reality. Now that DNA is being recovered from cave soil where early humans lived—without the need for bones—will the evolutionary dates drive the interpretation, or will known decay rates lead scientists to reconsider their assumptions about how old it is? We examine recent news reports for clues.“This work represents an enormous scientific breakthrough.”DNA of extinct humans found in caves (BBC News). This article describes an “enormous scientific breakthrough”: the recovery of “DNA of extinct humans …. from sediments in caves – even in the absence of skeletal remains.” Researchers from the Max Planck Institute recovered soil from seven sites in Belgium, Croatia, France, Russia and Spain. The article says that components of sediments are known to bind DNA; “Even sediment samples that had been stored at room temperature for years yielded DNA,” they found. Among samples of DNA from “extinct species such as the woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, cave bear and cave hyena,” they found bits of Neanderthal and Denisovan mitochondrial DNA where no skeletal remains were known. They think it will even be possible to recover nuclear DNA (from the nucleus). Nothing is said about the longevity of DNA in these environments.Mud DNA means we can detect ancient humans even without fossils (New Scientist). Michael LePage calls it “an astonishing new way to study our early human ancestors” to find DNA in cave soil. “Just about any sample of soil or water is full of DNA from all kinds of organisms,” he mentions, providing some examples of detection in recent studies. But how long can the DNA last? “In sediments buried in cool caves and in permafrost, this environmental DNA can survive for up to 700,000 years,” LePage says, but is that from DNA decay rates, or from evolutionary assumptions about the sample ages? Eske Willerslev, who found mammoth DNA, has doubts about the dating method:What could be an issue, says Willerslev, is establishing exactly how old ancient hominin DNA is. “Cave sediments are often highly disturbed,” he says, which makes it hard to accurately date them.Ancient-human genomes plucked from cave dirt (Nature News). “For the first time, researchers have identified DNA of human relatives without the need to find their bones, opening new window into the past,” Ewen Callaway writes. “…The DNA is exceedingly rare in the soil compared with that from plants, animals, fungi and microbes,” he notes, and researchers have to be very careful to avoid contamination from their own DNA. While scientists are excited about this new way to probe ancient environments, it’s not clear how old the samples are. Callaway explains,Determining when these individuals lived is tricky. DNA attached to dirt can be picked up by water, then seep through the soil of archaeological sites and end up in a geological layer containing much older material — potentially confounding efforts to date it. So the researchers tried to demonstrate that the DNA they recovered hadn’t been displaced into older layers. In Siberia’s Chagyrskaya Cave, the researchers found abundant animal DNA in geological layers that contained animal bones and stone tools and none in older layers that lacked any sign of human or animal presence. That means it’s likely that hominin DNA didn’t move through layers either, they suggest.But Robin Allaby, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, isn’t convinced. He thinks that the large amount of DNA recovered from some sites is evidence that lots of different material might have mixed and settled in a particular layer. “You can identify the hominins, but dating them becomes a bit of an issue,” he says.In short, none of the articles mentions the decay rate of DNA. If it was difficult to recover DNA from bones, how much more from soil exposed to water, dessication, oxygen and disruption by micro-organisms over the decades? Complex molecules do not last forever. Even in isolation, they are subject to thermal perturbations that break bonds. That’s why molecular machines in the cell invest a lot of time and energy repairing DNA. In 2012, Nature announced that the half-life of DNA is 521 years. After 1.5 million years, fragments would be so broken up, they would be unreadable.After cell death, enzymes start to break down the bonds between the nucleotides that form the backbone of DNA, and micro-organisms speed the decay. In the long run, however, reactions with water are thought to be responsible for most bond degradation. Groundwater is almost ubiquitous, so DNA in buried bone samples should, in theory, degrade at a set rate.To think that DNA is going to remain intact and discernible for up to half a million years seems contrary to empirical evidence. One can’t just say, “the DNA must be that old, because according to evolution, that’s when these hominins lived.” That would be circular reasoning, using Darwinian assumptions to drive the interpretation. But since reassigning the dates down to reasonable upper limits of a few thousand years would run afoul of evolution, scientists resist that interpretation. They either ignore it or make new assumptions to keep evolutionary dating from being falsified.Now consider that dinosaur DNA has been reported. Bob Enyart provides links to peer-reviewed papers reporting recovery of dinosaur DNA.Cave+Man=Caveman (yours truly, 1989)(Visited 522 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Set the Script: How to Own Your Podcast Ads

first_imgPodcasts are gaining in popularity. In June, Spotify announced a new feature that lets users easily find podcasts to enjoy. Additionally, the streaming platform signed an exclusive podcast deal with the Obamas. Podcasts have momentum — and interest — on their side.Nearly one in three Americans has listened to a podcast over the past month. These audio episodes represent another new channel businesses can use to get their message to engaged listeners. Podcast advertising is booming, with podcast ads set to double their share of the audio advertising market in the next few years. But this hot-ticket media buy comes with a price tag. To get the highest return on their podcast advertising investment, brands should endeavor to control the message as much as possible.Control Can Be a Good ThingPodcasts capture the attention of potential customers (who, it seems, are happy to spend their money). Any messaging you deploy can be amplified — with good or not-so-good results, depending on the host and audience fit. “Podcasts are an attention-commanding medium,” says Joe Copeman, managing director at Acast, a global podcast marketplace. “Listeners are far less likely to be doing other things which require attention from their ears and brains whilst listening — meaning brand messages are far more likely to resonate.” Just like you entrust influencers with your brand message, you want podcast advertisers to create a positive association with your brand. Unless you’re producing podcast content yourself (as ZipRecruiter, Slack, and others have done), there’s no guarantee how your message will come across. Still, there are effective ways to shape the podcast message you’re associated with.1. Be choosy about the podcast host.Listeners trust podcast hosts, so find the most natural fit with your brand. Ensure the host is educated about and supports your product. Hosts often go off-script, so it’s best to provide a few talking points. You can even find ways to quickly educate hosts on your product. Ahrefs, an SEO tool set company, got better organic ad reads when hosts had at least run through a product tutorial.Buck Robinson is a partner and chief radio strategist at The Media Manager, a direct response agency focused on print, radio, and television. He describes the opportunity a podcast host presents for a sponsor: “They are giving their blessing — and the authenticity and gravitas that goes along with it — to one company: yours!” A host’s seal of approval is the holy grail: It suggests an exclusive endorsement of your product. It also overlays some of the goodwill the podcast’s audience has onto your brand. To maximize this situation, ensure the host has an in-depth knowledge of your offerings.2. Make a guest appearance.In addition to sponsoring a podcast with an ad, have someone from your company appear as a guest speaker. The podcast hosts might edit your message when they deliver it. But when you’re speaking on behalf of your brand, you have total control of the words coming out of your mouth. A brand representative is also a great way to humanize your company and add your own flavor to a podcast. This approach works for solopreneur Richie Norton, who asserts that 80% of his business leads originate from his podcast guest appearances. He’s done at least 300 appearances, helping to not only promote his brand but also position himself as an expert in his field. There’s nothing stopping you from finding leads this way, but you don’t have to make hundreds of appearances. Look for podcasts that align with topics relevant to your company, as well as ones that feature guests often. Once an episode airs, be sure to share the link on your social channels.3. Collaborate with podcast producers.The most control you can have over your message’s transmission: having a hand in the production. This gives you buy-in and a large amount of control over the final product. If you have the resources and know-how to create your own podcast, you could start one quickly and affordably.If you aren’t ready to produce in-house podcasts, a nice middle ground is to collaborate with an entity experienced in content production. BMW, for example, recently did a six-episode podcast series collaboration with The New York Times and The Infatuation. “The Special” explored six American cities, with each episode featuring interviews with culture experts. They culminated with a recipe prepared by a local chef from that week’s city. Cosmetics company Sephora similarly teamed up with Girlboss Radio to create a podcast called #LIPSTORIES, celebrating stories from female founders and creators. The podcast world — and the advertising pouring into it — will only grow in the next few years. Don’t miss the wave. Start now by selecting podcast hosts to represent your brand or planning a collaboration. Don’t be shy about appearing on-air yourself. By deploying your advertising dollars effectively, you can make podcasting work for your business. Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at ReadWrite.com. He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at readwrite.com. Brad AndersonEditor In Chief at ReadWrite Related Posts Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Tags:#advertising#branding#company branding#marketing#podcast advertising#Podcasting#Podcasts last_img read more

Im a little numb Killer of BC gas station attendant Grant De

first_imgBLIND BAY, B.C. — The mother of a British Columbia gas station attendant dragged to death under a vehicle more than a decade ago, says she is “numb” to learn her son’s killer has died.Corinne De Patie says she has received a copy of the death certificate for Darnell Pratt, the man who was just 16 when he tried to drive away from a suburban Vancouver gas station without paying in 2005.Pratt hit 24-year-old Grant De Patie, who was working alone and tired to stop the theft but was dragged for several kilometres under Pratt’s stolen car.Pratt pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to nine years in prison, but that was reduced to seven years on appeal and he was paroled in 2010. De Patie’s death prompted what has become known in B.C. as Grant’s Law, which requires drivers to pay for gas before they pump it and also sets restrictions on employers whose staff work alone at night.Corinne De Patie says her family is still struggling 14 years after the loss of her son, and although Pratt’s death certificate doesn’t explain how he died, it amounts to some sort of closure.“I think I’m a little numb. Just kind of absorbing it all in, and looking at the death certificate and realizing that it’s the actual, issued government document, that it’s true,” she says.“It puts an end to it. This is the final chapter. It has an end.”De Patie says her son’s memory will live on because the BC Federation of Labour has plans to dedicate a plaque to him. It will detail Grant’s workplace death and his family’s campaign to protect other young workers facing the same risks. (News1130)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Brooke Shields Joins The American Cancer Society At The Hot Flashes Premiere

first_imgThe stars were out for the LA premiere of The Hot Flashes last week, which was followed by a star-studded charity after party.Virginia Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Brooke Shields, Camryn Manheim, Wanda SykesCredit/Copyright: Katy Winn In attendance were cast members Brooke Shields, Daryl Hannah, Virginia Madsen, Camryn Manheim, Wanda Sykes, Eric Roberts, Mark Povinelli, Jessica Rothenberg, Charlotte Graham, Director Susan Seidelman, Writer Brad Hennig, Producer Nina Henderson Moore and Executive Producer Laurie Lacob. Special guests include Cheri Oteri and Rachel Boston.Following the screening, the entire cast and VIP guests headed to a private after party which benefited the film’s charity partner, the American Cancer Society.The Hot Flashes, in theaters July 12, focuses on an unlikely basketball team of middle-aged women that goes to comic extremes on and off the court and becomes a national media sensation when they take on the current high school girls state championship team in a charity match to raise money for breast cancer prevention.Keeping in line with the spirit of the film, THE HOT FLASHES LA premiere also served as a benefit for the American Cancer Society. In addition to the film’s cast, the premiere was attended by supporters and volunteer leaders of the Society, as well as local cancer survivors. Following the screening, there was be a private after party that raised funds for the American Cancer Society to support their ongoing crusade to finish the fight against cancer.last_img read more

There is no chance of finding Sala alive says rescuer

first_imgJohn Fitzgerald, director of operations of Channel Airline Airsearch, says the small plane where the Argentinean was traveling might have sunk in less than three minutes.After it was publicly known that a small plane carrying two people disappeared in the English Channel, authorities started looking for survivors.On the plane, Argentinean footballer and recent Cardiff City signing Emiliano Sala was traveling together with the pilot of the aircraft.“If they really are in the water, I would say there is no chance of finding them alive,” said Fitzgerald to Vía País in Argentina.“The other day I went swimming (on the English Channel) and only lasted for three minutes.”“It is very cold in these waters; one person could stay there an hour at the most. I do not think they have landed on land because air traffic would have been informed,” he explained.Sala recently signed for Cardiff City in the English Premier League, after he spent four years with French Ligue A club Nantes.Raheem Sterling, EnglandTop 5 best players from the international break weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 After a fresh international break just came to an end, we need to talk about the Top 5 best players during this whole weekend.We…“I was especially cold. In the first part of the investigation last night, the visibility was good, but we had to deal with the freezing rain that fell around 23.30,” Fitzgerald added.“As the investigation progressed, the cloud ceiling dropped and we had to stop the investigation.”“What we’re looking for first is the device’s black box. If the plane really crashed into the sea but remained in one piece, then you have to pay attention to the traces of oil that come to the surface,” he continued.“If it broke in flight, which can not be ruled out, for one reason or another, then we will find debris on the surface. But an airplane of this size that hits the water sinks in two or three minutes.”La Direction et l’ensemble du Club gardent espoir et c’est toute la famille du FC Nantes qui prie pour qu’@EmilianoSala1 et les autres passagers de l’avion soient enfin retrouvés sains et saufs.#PrayForSala https://t.co/i6POQinWLi— FC Nantes (@FCNantes) January 22, 2019last_img read more

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Chinas Fosun to acquire Indias Gland Pharma for 13 Billion


SK Sinhas book exposes judiciarys real picture Nazrul


Skin care is important for men too

first_imgAs compared to women, the skin of men has more collagen and elastin that makes their skin thick and firm and, hence, the signs of ageing appear much later as compared to women. Therefore, it is important for men as well to take care of their skin by following a cleansing routine, say experts. * Know your skin type: This is the first step to schedule your skin care routine. Take a tissue test and see if you have dry, oily or combination skin. Generally, people with oily skin tend to have oil on their t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Check this using a tissue paper and get to know your skin type.* Choose products as per skin type: Since there is a difference between the skin of males and females, the products are made specifically keeping in mind all those factors. Make sure to use skin care products mindfully.* Follow a cleansing routine: Men should wash their face at least twice a day using a mild face wash that suits their skin. As the skin tends to get oily throughout the day and block the pores, it is important to follow a regular cleansing routine. Watch out if it dries your skin and change the products accordingly.* Exfoliation: All that dirt and oil accumulated on the face results in blackheads or whiteheads and forms a layer of dead skin. Exfoliation sheds off this layer and brings out a smooth, healthy skin. In case you have an oily skin, use salicylic acid-based scrub. A glycolic face wash is also a good buy as it cleanses as well as exfoliates.* Do not forget SPF: SPF should be an important part of your skin care regime as it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that leads to sunburn, tanning and gradually leads to early ageing. For men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is a great option and should be used daily. Reapplying the skin care is the second step to increasing its effectiveness.* Moisturise: After thorough cleaning and exfoliation, it is important to moisturise your skin to keep it soft and supple. A moisturising cream provides the right amount of moisture to the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. A hand cream, body lotion are some good options.last_img read more