July 1 2016Here is a bit of Cosanti Foundation

first_imgJuly 1, 2016Here is a bit of “Cosanti Foundation” history – a report about the Soleri exhibition in 1970 at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C.. Lot’s of things came together in the late 1960’s. The first exploration of the concept of ARCOLOGY [Architecture and Ecology] can be found in Paolo Soleri sketchbook #4 in 1964-65. A group of dedicated and very talented apprentices had gathered at Cosanti to work with Soleri.photo: Here is a glimpse into the modelshop during that time. Location is one of the Barrel Vaults at Cosanti and the model pieces are for the first Arcosanti model.[photo by Annette Del Zoppo]Under Soleri’s tutelage they transferred some of the sketchbook ideas into large detailed black ink drawings. Parameters like sizes of the arcologies, sizes of population, acreage occupied, were worked out. This resulted in an effort to put together the book “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”.photo: Here is part of the crew behind the Barrel Vaults, working outside on some of the model parts.[photo by Colly Soleri]Cosanti was becoming a destination to visit for artists, intellectuals and other interesting folks. The tireless efforts of Paolo Soleri and the ever graceful diligence of his wife Colly inspired many people to give support to Soleri to bring his ideas to the attention of the public. Part of this support was a large donation of clear acrylic to build a series of models of the ‘arcologies’ featured in the book for a large exhibition. photo: Soleri’s model of the arcology “Hexaheadron”, in the background “Arcube”.[photo by Ivan Pintar]One of the many friends was Jim Haritas, who was the director of the Phoenix Art Museum and later became the director of the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C. and set this exhibition in motion.photo: The models are packed and the crew is loading them into U-Haul vans.[photo by Colly Soleri]photo: Here is Paolo amongst the unpacking at the Corcoran Gallery.[photo by Ivan Pintar]This report continues on Monday, July 4. 2016.last_img

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