2012 is the end of the Shanghai dragon chain optimization is a new start

The premise of

we need to pay attention to the external links:

external links are still able to bring traffic to our site, this problem does not need to do more to explain. We release the soft in and their site theme related websites, leave your links, it may give us a website traffic, of course, the premise is your soft, high quality, can attract users click, so users are aware of their own open links are needed, so the user experience of external links well, there is value to users outside the chain link, the external links also belong to high quality.



you know, Links also belongs to a chain, in the past, Links for Shanghai dragon in the optimization of proportion is relatively large, as long as their weight and not much difference, included snapshot, suitable can exchange, is good for both sides but now the ranking algorithm the adjustment, we can’t do this anymore, what we need is not the size of the weight, the higher is the correlation between both sides attention website, exchange and not related to the site, the weight be higher but does not meet the user experience, the effect is very small. So now Links attention is high correlation, with the user experience.

after the adjustment algorithm search engine, we do the chain have effect, the net strange Shanghai dragon believes that the issue of your many training Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel concerns, know a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends said the chain is not much use, but this is the real fact above result

algorithm, an important quality of the number of external links have not external links.


, the effect of the chain is not only to improve the weight of the website of Shanghai dragon, it is not only to improve a keyword ranking. A high quality of the external links to our website can bring good traffic, of course, is aimed at the quality of external links, of course what external links belong to the high quality of the external links? Below the net strange Shanghai dragon training and we talk about the current do what is the value of the external links.


About Simple

external links is spider crawl your website such as: a new sites do, need spider to their site, if there is no external links, spiders from where climb to our site? We update the article, if the spider can not.

in fact, the net strange Shanghai dragon training that the update algorithm of search engine, just outside the chain of real cheating attack, we do not have the effect of external links, do not do the chain. This statement should be: "the search engine update algorithm, cheating the chain or the low quality of the chain has no effect, not all of the chain have no effect".

Now the search engine change

The first point:

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