See the website optimization from STE data

Do the basic optimization of

, why should SITE data analysis


2. garbage page

website optimization is a process, not overnight, website optimization is a continuous improvement and modification process, which is the basis of optimization is very important for us, for we can analyze it from the basis of optimizing the data for the diagnosis of SITE, that is to say, in the optimization process we must pass for SITE the continuous data diagnosis and optimization processing, to enhance the level of optimization based on our website, so as to achieve stable keywords ranking and breakthrough the bottleneck to traffic.


two, SITE data should be how to analyze

We know that in the We

1. on a new site optimization, the user needs to control is not particularly clear, whether it is the construction of the layout of the page or the content is based on the experience we do, we have only website traffic and click on the future, through the analysis of the data we can see for the original SITE the demand to determine whether it is correct.

based optimization mainly refers to a website SITE data is healthy, whether new or old site assessment period through the website we see through the SITE collection of data is in a reasonable range, if the SITE data and our web page doesn’t match too much or too little, there may be spam or drop right and so on precursor, we need to pay attention to.

3, increase the content of

2. we know the needs of industry users are changing our website promotion, real users not only include the purchase of the users of our products, including keyword search into the site of other acts of users, such as search data, looking for a knowledge explanation or the same industry website to find Links resources and so on, click to know and access to the user for our web site keywords ranking is also a contribution to our website, we analyze the content of the data from the SITE website in whether or not to meet these needs, is helpful for us to break the traffic bottleneck.

according to the demand


if our SITE data in a reasonable range, it depends on whether the page contains garbage, garbage page mainly includes page edge, empty pages and dead links page, the page edge mainly refers to the user search keywords into web site doesn’t have to see the page, such as: enterprise, industry news, news Home Furnishing Feng Shui and so these empty pages should pay special attention to the ShangCheng Railway Station, ShangCheng Railway Station, such as shopping cart. The registration page, we found that when these pages in the SITE data, we need to remove the entrance on the website, and timely with ROBOTS shield.

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