There are pictures and the truth of the search engine keyword recognition


understand this truth, we can be aware of at least two points. META is a very important, is the search engine to determine the main information source of the theme of the site, regardless of site title or keyword, or content description can not be regard as unimportant. Attention is needed, especially the site page title and description, can be included in the search engine appears, is directly related to the image of the website. Second can be perceived, META can not be arbitrary, must coincide with the website content, website theme. As such, META inside the information content can be used to search engine. Needless to say, META to the rational distribution of keywords, convey the site substance and convenient user identification to the search engine to effectively.

, a META meta tag

two, keywords layout

what is the key? And thesis writing, the keyword of the website is the theme of a website, or a web page content core. Even can be understood as a center around the web content, content and related what. For example, the construction site is the main content of the website, it can be identified as "key construction site", "Web", but not the "packaging design", although there are certain correlation. Unless the Sohu like Sina, comprehensive portal websites such as content, nothing is impossible, so not to a specific keyword (in fact, similar to Sina, the Sohu the portal, each channel has different keywords). The vast majority of the site should be the main distinctive, especially small and medium-sized websites. So many sites, engine how to identify keywords? For example, we search "Shanghai site construction" the keyword search engine, how to know which sites are more in line with the user experience, visitors are looking for website? After thorough analysis, search engine keyword recognition of the way we think, nothing less than three a:


as long as careful pondering over site optimization, should know the importance of the META tag. The META tag is actually ready for search engines, because such as KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION, non professional users are not aware of, but also from the page not found. The main purpose of the META tag is to facilitate the search engine cognitive website, a collection of content which will be arranged to the corresponding directory search. But this does not mean that META how to write how search engines included. In fact, the search engine included in the classification of web content, you will have a match. But within the META tag statement will have priority to certain, is if the META content with the site theme, will be adopted included, or search engines from the page to grab a more appropriate content, and give up the inside of the META is described.

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