The content of the website page how to optimize the whole process of long tail keywords


mining long tail keywords is certainly the first step, since it is the long tail keywords optimization, it certainly must have long tail keywords, first positioning good web site, through the drop-down menu, love Shanghai love Shanghai related search, Google keyword tool, love Shanghai honeycomb system, long tail keywords mining tools, competitor analysis, inquiry platform conclusion mining a large number of long tail keywords, and split combination, the statistics of the long tail word out.

three, the long tail keywords content page optimization

not all mining word can be used, we should be on the long tail keywords were screened, first of all keywords classification, long tail keywords remove useless and not consistent with the enterprise location, removal of illogical words, and to be able to get rid of different words but the meaning is exactly the same keywords, such as "what is the weight of" weight "can be what is the meaning of", "what is the weight, mean weight and weight. What is the meaning of", but different words that mean the same, whether we can put all the long tail word layout to our website? The answer is no, if we take all the long tail word layout to the website that will cause the same content of the page, it will lead to a lot of garbage scattered in the repeat page, Let this page long tail word weight. So it is necessary to choose a long tail keywords as the station one of the page title, other meanings of the same keywords can be combined with the promotion through quiz, library, blogs, forum etc..

website optimization long tail keywords believe most of the webmaster have been carried out, only a few main keywords for the site to bring traffic is certainly not the reality is not wise, we know especially large site traffic mainly rely on the long tail keywords, long tail key words bring a lot of traffic is huge, and even some enterprises have special long tail keywords study on the website of the position, do not update the inside pages, waiting for the home page to transfer the weight, optimization of long tail content page can also give the weighted home. So the content page long tail keywords optimization is very important, and the optimization of the long tail word is a big workload, so there should be a detailed process, here’s a look at the contents page of the whole process of long tail keywords.

, a long tail keywords mining

After finishing the long tail keywords > Step

two, the long tail keywords screening




except that we also analyze the degree of competition so that some long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition degree is too big, we do not consider, such as "Mount Huangshan tourist guide" of the word, both promotion and the row in front of the tourism industry heavyweights home page, check the index up to 1000, so like this we can temporarily give up.

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