Shanghai Longfeng decryption how low the weight of the site to challenge the second

: a website positioning and the development of the core to close

three: good guide "spider" index is better than

don’t think effects will be noticed everywhere with special effects; don’t think the JS page code size wantonly transfer; don’t think it would be better if more keywords optimization effect; don’t think the structural layer design more deeply the spider climb more deep. On the contrary, the search engine just hate these practices to think kick up a cloud of dust, spider gave it a rose with thorns, ask such a web search engine is how to win the favor of? People often say: do not go to the novice website optimization is the best way to optimization, in fact, is the truth. Do not understand what to optimize, as well as what are not optimized to better. Don’t try to deceive the search engine, because you think it already know, do the people you are not too many to count the first genius.

two: the construction of harmonious and perfect internal links is the key of

quality of website development from the core can be an immediate performance, how to look at the development of the core? Site location and then go according to the direction of "central theme" optimization, and some sites in the neglect of website positioning in the development process, whether it is in the net station channel classification, or the contents of the construction. With the development of the theme of little relevance. For a development direction of the website, search engine and how good? What to write, what they are doing well, not to mention the second. Conversely, to see whether a website is professional enough? The first point is to ensure that the subject repeatedly stressed and optimization, enhance the development direction of the whole website. The search engine through repeated observation will be preliminary approval for web site is not random, at least do care enough, of course is the premise to guarantee the high repetition resource page content is not the collection from the.

in the traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization approval, the website included faster then said its weight is high, because the recording speed determines the search engine’s attention. But today, the second is no longer a high weight website privilege, through reasonable optimization, new sites can still challenge the second privilege. But no weight, but in the fast recorded continuously, it can quickly improve website ranking, and can take advantage of this change to a high quality Links accelerated development website. Because of a second collection of sites, the quality standard and the content of the website optimization is relatively good, which can achieve the effect. So, how to weight new challenges the second dream? This paper made the following understanding:

in the normal situation, when the search engine index site is not the first visit to the website, but the server in the robots.txt file. This is a webmaster and search engine between a gentleman, through the text search engine can know what is the webmaster don’t want spiders access index, so as to avoid the requirements to avoid the content in visiting the website. >

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