Shenzhen Shanghai Longfeng business services market positioning strategy

target group positioning strategy

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon service effect, is according to the enterprise or products that can provide consumers with the effect to solve the problem of the degree of orientation. Because consumers can remember the information is limited, and often only on a result of enterprises has a strong appeal, so this positioning is easy to produce a deep impression. Such as Procter & Gamble rejoice positioning in the "compliant"; Head and Shoulders is "Dandruff"; PANTENE is located in the hair".

point positioning strategy

directly to a certain consumer groups for the demands of the object, highlight the brand products designed for the consumer groups, so as to obtain the identity of the target consumer groups. The brand and consumers together, is conducive to enhance the consumer’s sense of belonging, and to produce "the brand is tailor-made for me" feeling. A typical example of Goldlion’s "man’s world", "Marlboro Marlboro Man", Hasville "Hasville’s men wear shirts".

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, a positioning strategy

network marketing company that selling positioning, which is in the basis of the study of enterprise products and target consumers, looking for product features that best meets the needs of the consumers, the most unique part and the competitors do not have. M& M chocolate "dissolve in, do not dissolve in hand" positioning and robust purified water 27 "purification" is a typical example of selling point positioning.

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon optimization personnel only understand the market positioning strategy of Shanghai Longfeng service enterprises, can let the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have more simple and effective.

to the perceptual based website for the production of many types of businesses, and emotional appeals based website for more service type of enterprise, of course, this classification is not absolute, all for the marketing service, so you can play its real value. Shenzhen Shanghai Longfeng business services market positioning, Shenzhen once network that can be from the following points:


search blank point positioning integrated marketing refers to the enterprise through the investigation has not been the attention of other enterprises or competitors could occupy the market, and the introduction of this segment can effectively meet the market demand and solve the problem of brand and product. Such as the positioning of Guizhou Mazzoni’s "private custom suit" is a high-end positioning in the user suit.


In short: positioning

strategy four, blank point positioning

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