The 404 page optimization to enhance the user experience a rapid increase in the website of Shanghai

users are afraid to see this page, it means corresponding to the link page no longer exists, or search results in error. However, if you are able to correct 404 page design, it can make full use of it to solve the problem of the user, give your site to bring more visitors. The following is the Hai Yao Shanghai dragon training Xiaobian summary 5 404 page techniques, is not complicated, when there is good effect. And enhance the user experience, the rapid increase of the website weight

for many functional site, increase site traffic, or increase the customer is the main target. If the website owner is a dentist, lawyer or a plastic body, then add every customer, means that thousands of dollars of income. So, take every visitors and turn them into customers, is very meaningful.

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with the development of the website, the website itself architecture will change constantly, and the content of the page will continue to adjust in the design process, be redirected. The optimization of the site itself, often inevitably make some things are no longer so easy to find the user, when the user opens, is 404 pages.

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alone a gigantic 404, the better choice is to provide suggestions for the user, other content discovery and help them to better your site. Users may find they want

2, to take advantage of the same user exchange email

3, add a search box

although the visitors with the 404 page, still did not find the content they want, but this does not mean that they cannot be transformed into future users. Get the user’s mail, regularly push information is the final visitors into an important means for the users of the site, and want to make subscription information push, but to come up with some benefits: free courses, electronic books, free available material, practical tools and so on.

users although not as expected them to find pages and content, but this does not mean that the entire process of dead end, if you focus on and create quality content, so we should recommend the best website content for users in the 404 page.

many older, after the re design of the website, many of the old page is in the adjustment is relocated to another location. So, add in your 404 page in a global search in the search box is very reasonable, can also help visitors to the solution to the problem. Even if the original link does not exist, can also according to the content and subject to search for relevant content, or even re positioning the page. A new way of the search box can not only provide users access to content, but also to further enhance.

1, create a list of the best content website

in other places

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