Tips to make your website updated further make still further progress

mentioned the word "chain" I believe many earlier in the search engine drop right friends fear in the heart, because many sites are because of the large number of the site content interspersed within the chain, resulting in excessive site optimization, search engine drop right. But today small talk is not so in the chain, but some other articles related to him the subject of this article, for example, A article is written about website optimization, website optimization D article is written, so this time we will be at the end of the article or add related article at this time, we can add these small talk of "chain", the chain of users love, also conducive to spider crawling between our website content, but also will not lead to excessive site optimization, so it is rare update tips.

Whether it is

(three) wrote the title of the article must first search.

(a) make the "chain" optimization.

(two) show the contents of the article in the form of illustrations.

for many individual owners, some of the things we have to do is update every day, but for us to update the website ranking on the site, the weight is really useful, I believe that many of the webmaster friends can not understand very well, as long as the content of the original, can be collected is a good article, but the truth this is not the case, in fact in the process of updating the article is there a lot of small skills in them, so that we can update the content in the process more favored by users and search engines, the following small to some own summary update tips for everyone to share.

no matter what type of website content, when we are writing and editing the title of the article must first go to the search engine search, for example, this article compiled small write, I will be released when first love Shanghai above the search to see whether it has the same title of the article, if yes, so I will be in another title, the reason for this is because the search engine can get better recognition, why do you say? We actually want to think about it, if the same title, but the content is not the same, the search engine.

for some entertainment sites or news sites, I believe you will find that most of the outstanding website when writing articles, will adopt a form of illustrations to show that this approach will allow users to feel the content is very rich, does not produce visual fatigue above, but also to optimize our website bring some help, why? Because when small www.name2012贵族宝贝 have done this experiment, some of the original articles of the same long tail keywords release index equal to, illustrations show ranking and weight was far better than the single text content, although they are not very understand the the reason, but practice shows that better effect.

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