What are the skills of search engine optimization

fourth, strengthen the construction of the chain in the station, the construction of the chain is mainly on account of other relevant section section of the site each page contains the only good page links, and eventually become the network structure, we usually practice: sometimes we will use the article before and after correlation recommendation, this method is good.

fifth, carefully use the robots file, robots file use is banned from search engines crawl file. There are three purposes: 1, when the site after the upload is not perfect site 2, shield some do not want to be included in the search engine’s content, such as copyright etc.. 3, to prevent the scattered site weight.


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

should make good use of the domain command, this method can be a very good way to get outside the chain of resources, use domain to query the following words in the search engine ranking competitors website, why these sites can have very good ranking, mainly is the chain these sites with high quality at the same time, we can go to which platform is the hair of the chain, so that we can send in the chain platform.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords >

with the development of e-commerce industry continues to surge, accelerate the process of mobile Internet to add, search engine optimization for site promotion or play a crucial link, Li Jinguo feel a lot of Shanghai dragon r started to search engine optimization is not very familiar with, every day just update and send the chain, that did not keep up with change of search engine, search engine is now relatively mature, is no longer the main outside chain construction, but the user experience is the site long adhere to support force. Then the search engine optimization what skills? Li Jinguo reluctant to introduce you.

second, TKD, pay attention to the site title, description, Keywords tag method. Although now the keywords have little effect, but in the end still influential, web page recommendations to optimize the results of the 3 key words don’t. The title of the website is written, and the name of the web site keywords, do not stack keywords, description tag, also add keywords to keyword tag. The description tag is a 80-120 words or less fluent words, contain the keywords 1-2.


third, focus on the construction of Web site of the long tail word, which is the core part of the station optimization, sometimes a lot of time to find the long tail keywords flow is far greater than the flow of the keywords, so how to increase the long tail keywords? This is the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel consider problem specific operation: the long tail word according to your website the column or page to consider, such as we can be the name of the program is defined as a long tail word or the title of an article contains the long tail word etc..

sixth, have a strong executive power, the optimization process is a long process, and need quantitative timing to complete, so it is good for the website ranking.

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