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Internet through so many years, with the development of the search engine, search engine marketing has become the preferred marketing network.

blogging for nearly 3 months, groundless talk will come all. To do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, need to work steadfastly. Pure theory to go to hell. Before wrote an article on the website optimization orders the first step, Jian Bo do most of the webmaster Shanghai dragon is under orders to test their level of ability. Of course, the customer orders that need to professional service. It is from Shanghai to Phoenix! Today I share with you the website optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng writing and flow chart.

, PV, IP, included the number of backlinks.

benefits Shanghai dragon itselfWhy should

(6) PV number:

website in order to understand the current status, need to measure each index of comprehensive evaluation of the current status of the website, domain name detection. Detection of content include the website the PR value, ALEXA rankings, love Shanghai and Google SE

collection of love Shanghai site detectionThe





time domain name registration The implementation of

understanding and evaluation of the current structure of the website mainly from the following two aspects:

1. web framework

definition of search engine marketing, search engine marketing has done is comprehensive and effective use of search engines to conduct online marketing and promotion. Search engine marketing, the pursuit of the highest price, with minimal investment, obtain the biggest search engine from the potential customer visits and generate business value.

(7) IP number:

(2): the PR value of the domain name

(3) ALEXA ranking:

3. Shanghai dragon after the implementation of the site will be how to change? It is after we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect where to have persuasive.

Electronic commerce is so pleasant blog existing keyword ranking

, a summary overview of the writing purpose is to attract the readers to the program, the implementation of the program of interest. The best feeling of writing is vague, but it is true. The writing content generally includes the following three aspects:

according to the content of the website, web pages can be divided into: home page, channel and >


reverse link

three, the website structure


2. site of Shanghai dragon? Is the implementation of the necessity of the optimization of Shanghai dragon where

(5): Google included

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