Please provide the station webmaster face love love Shanghai weight data

I often talk with other Adsense said, the so-called love Shanghai weight is out of the brush. Many webmaster will spray me, oh, I don’t care about. From the above analysis that the love station algorithm, I think there are a lot of people have seen how to brush it? If I use the brush tool to search for a flow of love Shanghai station, the station name of the Shanghai love index will be high, and this station first row key station should be this a station will be left out?


love love Shanghai station launched a weight of the data, the love station webmaster tools all IP million (they said official data, I estimate more than), I gradually see the importance of the data share in the webmaster in mind, the webmaster gradually to the love from the station network query to the so-called love Shanghai weight data as the important criterion to judge the quality of a website, or even the only standard, especially when changing the Links (this I experienced). I often hear many webmaster said: how much you stand weight?… I stand for only 1 weeks and you weight X….. So, webmaster have not really thought: accurately what the data really

webmaster to remember: love to love Shanghai station query weights are their algorithms by love station, the official data is not love in Shanghai, it is not calculated by the official Google PR. Through my personal observation station to provide well, love love Shanghai love Shanghai index weight is in accordance with the website ranking keywords, ranking position based on the total collection, the website included snapshot, supplemented by the calculated date.

OK, through the analysis of the above said love stand algorithm, we can draw some famous site, his station name and he stands related to the long tail word is a high index of keywords, such as: tudou贵族宝贝 TV series, the word index is high, but the word is not the website therefore, go up easily, I contacted a movie station, a ranking of the key words are related to tudou贵族宝贝, the index is very high, so his inquiries station to love Shanghai weight is very high, but the love in the first row, these words are potatoes, I believe no one search these words do not know the existence of potatoes, so these words about how the actual traffic really? There are a lot of other examples, I have not enumerated.

from the above two examples, we can draw a conclusion: the so-called love Shanghai website is not proportional to the weight and quality of

of course, this data also can be used as a reference value, but we should also just with this data as a reference value, when I change Links, met a lot of love station fan (please allow me to describe this), they said to me: "you love Shanghai station no weight ah ~" I think this is really very stubborn, you would rather follow a love but love is only a few Shanghai included 3 of the weight of the station transfer station inquiry link is not with a love of Shanghai included tens of thousands but found love Shanghai is the 1 station weight in it (of course this is.

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