Some important measures to cope with the pomegranate algorithm


3) the direction of profitability to PPS, PPC or PPA type of advertisement above, not only enrich the web page, and not because of pop caused trouble to the user, can improve the site overall user experience. PPS pay per sales, advertising revenue in accordance with window to calculate the number of users to buy PPC pay per client; i.e., fees in accordance with the user clicks, generally single income is much less than PPS; PPA pay per action, each user to complete a fixed behavior webmaster can obtain benefits, such as registration, such as downloading etc.. PPS PPC PPA CPS CPS is corresponding to the CPA, but the former is for publishers, the latter is for advertisers, in fact, is one thing.

5) to enhance the content of the site quality, with the collector to collect the articles do not, even if you don’t collect articles, see the statement issued, at least look at the organization, a semantic is unknown, you are going to see who the statement impassability ah, right.

station optimization

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two, the construction of the chain of

1) the website that awful pop out. Don’t challenge love Shanghai, love Shanghai a happy tomorrow will be able to put your site K, you can do it, general small are still holding the tail is reliable.


before I have introduced details of love released in Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, since the owners live in Shanghai this love tree, then according to the meaning of love Shanghai Act (although there are a lot of great love Shanghai love said… ). Pomegranate algorithm just blow pop station, on the other page although low quality but no pop and ads are to enhance the role of the ranking. So, we should not go to? Scindapsus before algorithm is a good example, some webmaster as Scindapsus algorithm as nothing, still persist, trading links, released a large number of spam links, finally escape the fate of K station or drop right. Here, I talk about how to avoid risk reduction algorithm of pomegranate, and power station K.


4) and don’t pop station exchange links, if any, please get rid of.

2) if the web traffic is relatively high, the webmaster can choose to other companies or website advertising, there is plenty of income. The price is not fixed, the stationmaster need in accordance with the traffic and advertising position and size to pricing.

about the convergence of your chain. General pop station garbage chain in particular, why? Because their pop income is high, and the chain of garbage transfer although almost no weight, but can bring traffic to pop, station, traffic is money. Don’t stand in pop or some large advertising platform to release the chain, especially refuse >

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