Quick money an analysis of websites frequented by College StudentsCyworld’s success know how PRP re

According to Cyworld founder Young Joon HYUNG, Cyworld’s success comes from a combination of multiple factors that finally make his

and, above all, >

now shop everywhere, and in addition to Taobao, there are many other C2C platform, so many people shop, money will be difficult to earn. Personally feel that if you want to shop online, must have new products, cheap purchase channels, but also familiar with some rules brush credit.

two can build a personal site, this service providers to provide blog system, 100 per year should be able to get. Anyway, now the CN domain name is also cheap, and then apply for a space.


vision come true. The idea is based on several concepts, such as "six degrees apart", such as a modified version of the personal ERP Enterprise Resource Planning concept. He called PRP Personal Resouces Planner, the term from 1999 at KAIST University he is South Korea’s MIT Doctoral Thesis "trust information sharing"

the vision can be realized depends on the following points: Based on
1. Highly developed broadband infrastructure in Korea;
2 excellent time in South Korea in 2002. The vigorous development of the digital camera; "

online things cheaper than the entity store, and this reason is estimated that as long as the Internet users will understand. Taobao, Amoy you like, in Taobao can always find quality and low price, suitable for your goods. With so many online shoppers, it naturally makes Taobao a better place.

an online survey, if they do not know, first thought is to ask who? More than 80% of the students answer is sh419 or shlf1314, sh419! And shlf1314 interface is simple, use more convenient, and it is very rich in resources, is the college network for website.

The following are some fragments of the ?

Tomi, Ahonen, and Alan Moore are authors of the community leading brands. They explore a variety of trendy business and marketing phenomena in blog, and analyze Cyworld several times. Recently, Alan Moore interviewed Joffe CEO Benjamin +8* of the company. The consultancy, based in Beijing, focuses on Internet and technology in East Asia, and recently published a report on why and how Cyworld works. the name is +8*, because the phone numbers of China, Japan and South Korea are all at the beginning of 8

how to make money through sh419 and shlf1314? Suggest a blog advertising real! This means is placed on his blog providers like shlf1314 and sh419 ads, it is recommended that you first understand shlf1314 adense.

is not just college students can earn money from these opportunities, in fact, personal webmaster can also from these students most frequently go to the website analysis, how to quickly earn the most people’s money!

1, when problems arise, 80% of college students will use sh419, shlf1314, and

does this, blogs are often more new, and blogs are written creatively because the ads are associated with the content of your blog. After having good content, also want to popularize. I heard that one elder sister built an all English anime website, and ALEXA ranked more than 1000 in the world. The advertisement for shlf1314 can take tens of thousands every month. Of course, this is not envy, and this will be difficult to start at the beginning, your shlf1314 account may be more than 10 Fen per day.

two, when shopping, 70% of students will go to Taobao to see.

interview interview original address:
1 18 million account, while the Korean population is 48 million
2. 16 million PV/ days 480 million PV/month. If you use pv/ users to consider, Cyworld and other sites than, the value is much higher.
3.2005, SK Communications were obtained directly from the Cyworld US$67 million revenue, and its parent company, SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile operators from mobile services related to US$30 million also received the income, add up to nearly US$100 million. It was a year ago. The Korean population is 1/6 of the United States, and the per capita GDP is 1/3. If Cyworld’s story goes to the United States, it should be multiplied by 18, with an annual income of US$1.8 billion.

one can apply for blog service providers to provide blog, and now you can put a lot of advertising blog site, such as shlf1314 own blog, and dispatch blog, China Network blog, etc..

in today’s economic environment, most college students are faced with the dilemma of graduation, that is, unemployment, but fortunately there is the internet. In fact, except when students spend time on the Internet, should be to the contrary, there are tens of thousands of college students are doing the same thing with you, on the same site, which also contains great business opportunities

if South Korea and Cyworld are really pioneers in the virtual and real world, then it is common to look for Cyworld’s success factors. As other areas of infrastructure and users become more mature, they will also face the problem facing south korea.


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