The experience of Shanghai Phoenix interview article

because I can not see the future, no hope, the company’s products are 6 years ago, no R & D department, the most important is the company for the boss, so I resigned.

4. if you optimize our website


[note] the dry line love line, because love only to do it more durable, and from the first job to do this now is always can also indicate their own speciality. Of course, you may also be to do this, but it is best to love their love for the industry.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization including the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts. The station optimization, I will from the title, keyword selection, description, ALT tags, soft writing, chain, chain and other aspects of optimization. Outside the station optimization, will make full use of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love love Shanghai map, Shanghai library, Shanghai love to know, love Shanghai Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai experience and a series of related products optimization, while utilizing watercress, Tianya forum, micro-blog, blog, video and other media to optimize.

[note] of course this can be justified, but the best possible that the same characteristics, it is also beneficial to your career, then talk about other problems.

is the same, whether selling products or services sold, is essentially a sale, it is to let a customer from know to understand, and finally to inquire about purchasing process. Shanghai dragon is a technology, whether it is physical or service industry, optimize the essence is the same, is to meet the needs of users.

3. before you do the real industry, now go to the service industry, Shanghai Longfeng will not like what?

1. I see your resume of the university is the mechanical professional after graduation, why did you choose this job in Shanghai dragon

regardless of any industry, any job interview are undoubtedly reusability. From the first interview in Shanghai Longfeng post until now, I see of every hue interviewer, also answer a lot of questions here, now share out, hope to help you in the interview. The following is a personal experience, according to the actual situation for their own is the best, if you think you have a better answer, welcome message.

2. , how would you do?

[note] this is the main content of the conventional optimization of Shanghai dragon, the examiner is to.

because I contacted the University understanding of network marketing, love in the Internet work, the internship is to do Shanghai Longfeng, after it has been engaged in this job.


[note] the problem basically each interviewer will ask, because they don’t want you to be a frequent turnover, companies need is for their loyalty, stable staff. Of course, this problem, you can according to their actual situation the best reason to resign a perfectly logical and reasonable.

your last job as if only half a year, why

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