Shanghai Longfeng blog exchange Links is very dangerous

2, Shanghai dragon blog prone to excessive optimization

but the reasons leading to this phenomenon is also very obvious: may start to pay attention to rankings and included such blog only, but after all, is a man to do the site, did not lead to a long-term plan for the blog, may from the beginning out of the blogger’s heart, and optimizes the blog hastily; there is a blog may have not been able to find a suitable way of profit, so there may be no idea long done, or directly into other garbage collection stations such as

1, Shanghai dragon blog really can adhere to

3, Shanghai dragon blog easily as "station group"

some time ago to run Shanghai dragon blog online, now less than a month’s time, there are a few included, of course, to let the exchange Links spiders index. But in this process, the permanent treasure found in associated with the type of Shanghai dragon blog exchange chain is really something very dangerous! Why would I say dangerous? Here are a few points of his summary of Xin Yongbao, the hope can give you some help:

… …

may sometimes our blog for some reason temporarily not open, or to increase the bandwidth of such a website to restart the IIS server, may so while friends of the chain blog will move our website! Too sensitive, because too much attention to details of

we all know, the rise of flood in 2010 while the blog is really just a little little fur people will have the Internet an own blog! But today, in addition to Lu Songsong’s blog and Moonlight blog after the stick to the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore today, the other basically I like Suifengerqu… Again, Shanghai dragon blog generally for personal bloggers, may day service maturity would not renew, and our friends of the chain also

have to say, the general operation of Shanghai Longfeng bloggers are basically holding a lot of learning attitude and open the blog, so under normal circumstances bloggers on the site too sensitive! Very easy to excessive optimization! May be a wind sways grass own website over adjustment etc.. But with the new algorithm to search engine algorithm update bloggers may recurrent rules, causing the site is not stable, and implicated as friends of the chain website

… Xin Yongbao Too little !

or so say: when you and I exchange Links, you also to third.


no matter because of the particularity of Shanghai dragon blog or, or because the formation of the Shanghai dragon blog visits function and industry circles, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng blog webmaster circle sometimes is really small! Some of the same quality, the same type of website love swap chain, but because of the narrow sense of Shanghai Longfeng circle, easy exchange cross connect! And this cross connection form may be identified as a search engine station group

!For example,

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