Shanghai love movie flow keywords know analysis skills

four, leave the site skills;

a lot of questions can increase the probability of winning, and now love Shanghai know the tube was quite strict, more questions, to stay more problems.


, a news in the movie when they come out to seize key words;

three, lots of questions related keywords;

try not to love their own website address directly leave Shanghai products, otherwise it was found cheating after dead. Leave the address is the address of other well-known sites, two converted to their site

now do every kind of means of keywords, the ultimate goal is to flow. A popular movie search index to scary, but can appear in Shanghai love to the forefront of the search results of personal website is not much, most of them are love Shanghai encyclopedia, time network, Post Bar, big video website. Keywords if personal website ranked in the forefront of the effort spent certainly many webmaster. Love Shanghai’s own products have a high ranking and views, but with a particularly difficult link. I found a very shocking phenomenon recently in Shanghai know sex, is a question with keywords shock to. Take the recent popular film "the painted 2" as an example, there are pictures and the truth!!! Eyeful is keywords, keywords. Although this view is very unpleasant, but many people are using this trick, attracted the number of people watching is very much, I just got a settled question, browse times up to 20963 times, this number continues to rise with. This question is not only for the flow of the chain, is also a kind of strategy. The love of Shanghai to know how to do the movie keywords? The author to analyze.

two, ask questions, add questions and questions related to various types of long tail keywords accumulation;

from the perspective of the user experience, the accumulation of keywords is not good experience, but it is helpful to observe the ranking, "the painted 2" questions, can obviously find keywords are "painted 2 download", "the painted 2 love Shanghai video", "the painted 2 online watch", in the painted 2 months after the release of the movie, these words will be very fire. Ask questions and supplement the content, superposition of these words is of great help to the problem of ranking. Not only that, only individual problems, the probability is certainly not good, many similar problems can enhance the probability. But people don’t love to do so, want to try the webmaster can try it.

is a question of time in March 25, 2012, 2 in June 28th was released in fact painted. Keywords early prediction is very important, do less, less competition, the accumulated strength is greater. A lot of movies early news release, at this time according to the main keyword expansion of other words, questions and answers, the browsing probability increases greatly.

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