How to search engine to detect the user experience of the website


fourth, website exposure. It is the chain website, how this is related to the user experience of the website? Oh, your website user experience is good, nature has a lot of loyal subscribers, to share your site, actually this is nonsense, but this is what I want to tell you how we should.

second, the website user adhesion. A website search engine to analyze a site from so few points, the first site of the article comments, if a number of website article comments, that the website user experience is good, a lot of people to the site, according to the observation of many of the comments just D network, multi site rankings are very good. Second kinds of web traffic, Alexa ranking, if the website traffic is high, Alexa high ranking, general search engine traffic also.

website user experience is one of the important standards of quality problems related to a web site, search engine is a very important factor to judge the weights of the website. Here today, just D network (www.qiawei贵族宝贝) search engine how to determine the user experience of the website to make a simple analysis of.

third, the function of the site. Search engines are now able to determine the site of the simple user experience features, such as the comment on the website on top, and so on, these functions can give users a good experience, and the search engine can also through these functions, user feedback, to give a certain score website. Seen a lot of Web sites, a large number of JS code on the page, but the ranking is very good, why? In Shanghai before the dragon, many webmaster will minimize the use of JS, this site is only a simple presentation of the content, the user experience is very few, where the flow of

search engine as a machine, it is not like the brain, to analyze and judge, which is some mechanism, the mechanism is the search engine developers, as long as we can study the mechanism of R & D personnel search engine to enhance the user experience of the website. Just D network recently found that the search engine of the user experience of the website mainly through the following points.

first, your jump out rate. The bounce rate problem, I believe we all understand, is likely to leave your site users to browse the website in a certain period of time. The search engine how to judge the bounce rate of this website? Just D network research, so few points first, search engine will give you a web site keywords ranking, if the user enters your site keywords ranking after the jump below your website click in a certain period of time the site, your site is not shown to provide users with useful information, your website user experience is not high, if the user clicks the keywords into your site and did not choose the website below, then your website user experience is good, of course, this is just a hypothesis just d network. But Shanghai dragon is often a constant assumption to try to judge.


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