The cause and site investigation right down

from the search engine traffic is greatly reduced (different from the normal circumstances, if floating) drop that some of your keywords are likely to have no ranking. This is a kind of behavior right down.

acquisition station Including the

2. station traffic is down


?If the The

may be a single site right down to the following reasons as, if the website is K, it must be combined with the majority of the following reasons.

site drop right phenomenon also have to put a "love Shanghai draft", but not all problems are love Shanghai convulsions, most of the site itself problem. Following Li Xuepeng to solve a problem:

(1) server stability.


1. ranking is down


drop right (K) reason:

common method:

> 2.

server is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but now there are still a lot of people go to the garbage IDC space, server regularly attacked, website open speed slow etc.. Please remember a word: the stability of the server and has a direct influence on the website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings, this is not a game. The question of information about server can Li Xuepeng.

is a website included drop down the right


site contains many friends dropped in the group asked whether their website what cause love Shanghai right down, Li Xuepeng want to say is the site to drop right phenomenon may be an illusion, not a real right down, like Shanghai algorithm update may affect some data, it is possible to change the the algorithm leads to some degree is not high quality pages included cancel. Included drop as the site right down to the can not rigorous standards, there is a great degree is "love Shanghai exhaust" this one between the true and false respectively. How to judge

chain group

(2) black hat tactics.

said the site right down, to the end of June Shanghai love big update algorithm (a lot of garbage sites has been processed), online a lot of people in the discussion of this is the love of Shanghai K station, all aspects of information, Li Xuepeng think that after the Shanghai Shanghai dragon will be more relaxed. Because from this incident the conclusion of many owners have been aware of the disadvantages of making the Internet garbage, love Shanghai algorithm update will make what rubbish site from the stage of history, so that we can do the normal station "relaxed" love Shanghai ranking.

included a lot of decline, while the main keywords ranking is not a drop that you don’t have to worry about, largely love Shanghai algorithm adjustment or update will be the case, Shanghai is not love one or two times. Commonly known as the "love Shanghai draft"


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