Some opinions on the foreign chain

forum, we all know that the weight of the anchor text and useful, so Shanghai dragon Er every day in order to complete the work, in order to improve the site keywords ranking, crazy mining can be the construction of the chain forum, crazy hair chain, do some forum is the chain advertisement pollution, site owners are disgusted. They forced the title, iP. I want to say to the novice is outside the chain of the forum is to be done but not like psoriasis as advertising hair everywhere, if you can send some high quality of the chain, at least not the main site of disgust, the chain survival time can be long, also can clear the data from the title.

then said the love of Shanghai related products, want to know love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia adding links it was unlikely, so if you want to bite a piece of fat on oil and you will be more careful, follow it out of the new regulations, to do more subtle advertising. Some people put pure advertising information in Shanghai love space, language users to know love from Shanghai by entering the space to read the article, actually love Shanghai has now found, will remove some links with the pure.

The chain of First, the

increasing the threshold, then we should do on how to. To write text as an example, we used is based on the amount, now there is no quality of soft Wen want high popularity of the forum included, must first pass through the reader easier said than done! This conversion rate was high. But a lot of new Shanghai dragon began to ask a question, every day we work so much, so how to design energy ah, change the head to tail has Arni Tuo Buddha. But I think if you just do it in order to cope with the work, but if you want no ground for blame, go further on the road of Shanghai dragon, to carefully research the soft writing.

but Shanghai Longfeng industry in the development road of the chain will not stop, complaints to complain, complain complain to, we still have to actively face the road outside the chain of setbacks. Like the other day to meet the love of Shanghai K station trend, if you become one of them, how do you face? Give it? Every day complaining about the love of Shanghai? Novice may select the two, if it is wallowing in the Shanghai dragon industry for many years, people had already accustomed to watching the ups and downs the natural heart, very painful, but still firm belief.

contact Shanghai dragon has been there for many years, I think many webmaster like me to find the chain go the way of becoming more and more difficult. Two years ago we were doing television station, when dozens of people every day is crazy to send the chain, then many forums can basically keep the link, the number of our chain of the day is quite amazing, the website weight website brought the ranking is also very high, I remember our website at that time also on the love of Shanghai weathervane. But with the search engine optimization adjusted monthly, outside the chain of the road seems to be into a complex maze, the way a lot, but the way to the exits are extremely rare.

said the other way that the soft word about foreign chain view.

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