How Shanghai dragon lighting site to win

according to the characteristics of lighting industry, lighting arrangement known as knowledge, have rich experience in lighting professionals at least every day to write an article at the original articles in the field. The contents of the first search from some foreign lighting industry the new professional articles, and then translated Chinese, combined with the actual conditions and reading habits, edited into readable articles. Because this kind of article professional, readable, unique content, the user experience is good, so the search engine will give good weight and ranks.

Last year

by the way of the chain strategy

3, to solve the problem of original content source: high quality content, is often done in Shanghai dragon’s most troublesome thing, which is to ensure that the site can stand in an invincible position in the key factors. For this kind of original content sources, Jiubayi advice:

4, internal links optimization strategy: to optimize the two level domain keywords, when a domain name content, mention these keywords, plus links the two level domain of the long tail word, when you by malicious web content reproduced, collected, these links can bring a steady stream of backlinks for you.

why do, do what good

2, we put the main direction of optimization in the long tail keywords can bring high conversion rate, hot search, to avoid the intense competition the main keywords, so as to obtain Everfount flow. When you select this part of the long tail keywords accumulated to a certain number, the flow into even high income main keywords.

LED, a fire this year, rising LED. So the lighting industry, especially LED, LED display this kind of keywords is simply profiteering. Because of its huge profits, so will cause many master in Shanghai Longfeng and capital investment, the degree of competition as can be imagined. Generally if the company has just begun, the master key is positioning in LED lighting, this kind of popular keywords, then to the limited funds, manpower, time, obtain the ideal ranking, the possibility is almost zero. So, the website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy and positioning, can be said to determine whether the site will be the key success factors. For such as lighting Shanghai Longfeng high degree of industry competition, Jiubayi feel hot with precise long tail keywords two level domain optimization of high conversion rate, obtaining high quality flow is a good method.


1, because the weight of the two level domain of second level domain name, to optimize the popular long tail keywords, first in the domain name weight above can occupy the main advantages.

started like China light lighting network website PR is low, you can exchange links by advertising and some high PR value of the industry website, when PR updates and flow up to the weight of a similar website links. Many external links construction method, you can according to their own strength, contacts and other factors, to play

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