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over the past few years, venture capital circles have improved the use of data by many levels. A few years ago, most companies and investors were misled by what was known as "vanity data.". Many people believe that active users or registrations are the only meaningful data standards.

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over the past 5 years, the phenomenon of information inequality has largely disappeared. For many entrepreneurs, this has led to some changes in mindset. When all things are known to everyone, people spend less time looking for secrets and opportunities, doing more work with time, and starting the team with execution.

doesn’t tell stories, data is more important,

asymmetric information is reduced and tends to be more transparent

in addition to product news, the latest investment ideas, the latest theory of entrepreneurship, will arrive in China for the first time, and then spread in the circle of friends. Some time ago, I heard about a social App that was on the line App Store in the United States less than a week ago. The App was a friend of Silicon Valley who told me the first time after investing and couldn’t visit in china. So I thought people wouldn’t know. As a result, when downloading the address book, it was discovered that 12 Beijing friends were already in use of course, all of them were product managers and investors.

tiger sniffing note: This paper is the course lattice founder and CEO Li Tianfang article, the original "programmer" magazine, originally entitled "mobile five years, entrepreneurs in the eyes of change". The author reviews the changes in China’s Internet over the past 5 years from information, data, operations, data, team culture and the overall environment. Tiger sniffing edited the original.

over the past five years, we have spent more and more time on the Internet every day. Mobile phones have become personal information centers, and software is engulfing the whole world. As an entrepreneurial company, the curriculum grid team is like a boat in the sea. Every day I bow to my head and occasionally look up in the distance, I marvel at the changes in the past few years. But the feeling of the most vivid, more from the behavior of entrepreneurs around, and the hearts of entrepreneurs change.

when I came to Beijing from Silicon Valley four years ago, Silicon Valley news generally stayed a week or more before it could reach home. If you’re a reader of Hacker, News, or Tech Crunch, you can know a lot more than other people at the time. Today, science and technology news around the world will appear on major Chinese technology media for the first time.

only 2-3 years ago, many companies could draw a perfect "J" curve by using money to boost downloads, and then use this curve to melt more money, and then draw higher lines. But many of these companies are concerned about retention rates and core growth engines for a long time, and they all face difficulties later. Their investors are also disappointed, learned a lot of lessons. Now, more and more companies and investment organizations have their own analysis

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