Discussion on the analysis from four aspects why is K off site

I tried such a space, you can open the morning, the afternoon can not visit, also think the search engine for the space will not be so.

cheating optimization method

site links too much, leading to the spider crawling difficult, often crawl a page and had to return home again. That use a lot of time consumption of the spider crawling a site, such as search engine, is itself an unusual situation. The first two spiders can also accept, but the long-term existence of dead links without site repair, so K out is not to discuss the general search engine for website after all dead links are given a chance to modify. This I have deep feeling, through the repair of dead links, let the spider crawling smoothly again, then the spider will turn a blind eye. If you cannot repair, repair or not, then at least a 404 page, tell the spider this link is damaged by the 404 page, this spider can give a good impression, but also through the 404 page also can effectively put the dead links into effective links, specific settings as we all know, I do not wordy.

, a website is using

three, website space is often down

There is a dead link

site is K off, most of the webmaster are met, and if there is no pain experienced by K will not understand the harm of cheating methods used. The site is K off, is not what a sad thing, change an angle to think about the site is K is definitely a good thing, because K is so you have to find the reasons, analysis of the causes of problem solving, only experienced a series of pain will enable you to grasp the solution, when to meet again when can be an easy job to do to solve, even if no matter can know what is the search engine to the bottom line. Today the author analysis three on the site is K off, as long as the catch is the cause of the K, the natural solution in here.

two, a large number of websitesThe

used to cheat optimization webmaster all know, once used, it is to the site buried a time bomb. Many owners believe that some use of cheating methods optimized website does not mean he will be K off, but everything has an exception, this shows that people cheat wise, even not aware of a search engine, but you have seen what station using the cheating optimization method can be long, stable three months is the most, once found it will be the most severe punishment. So, for your site is K, first ask yourself there is no use of optimization method is improper, the most basic is the keyword stuffing, hidden links, home JS jump, if used, then the bomb is buried. By the time of K is not too far. So, website optimization cheating, after all, we all do the same if you use the method of optimization, cheating, so to others is not fair, the search engine also know this truth, so, once found is a hard blow.


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