Do website user experience four aspects should be paid attention to

website is mainly to do what, to the user what kind of information, this is to let the user know that the first time to visit the site, so the user will only put down a little time to visit your web site. If your website content theme do blurred, does not have a clear positioning, it will let users feel like you are not professional, which makes the user experience of the website greatly reduced.

sites like Sina, Tencent, their website response speed and layout will give people a deep impression. Of course, this is to burn, general grassroots website is impossible, but we also have to choose a can also speed, and stable service products, do not occur from time to time "cannot link" etc..

Four, to ensure that the contents of The


many people have had the same experience, open a website, see the contents and a few days ago or last month, the probability that the next time you visit the site in the fall. So, the content of the site must be continuous updates, but it is better to user >

user experience, the user is established in the use of the product experience, this concept is very close to us, for example: yesterday I bought a new mobile phone, then I use it, good for its function, this is the user experience. And the user experience of the website and this is similar, users access the site, site layout, response speed, is beautiful, are the direct factors affecting the user experience, they are likely to make a decision whether you will come back to this website. Here I will share my summary of good user experience should pay attention to several aspects:

The so-called

for the design, we mainly consider the most users love fast this point, such as: registered in this one if we design too complex, the user must not have the mood to help us to a point down; if there is evidence the problem too difficult, the user must also don’t look for the answer (Shanghai Longfeng exposure except). The design of the site navigation is also very important, reasonable design can increase the user on the site to stay.

value and continuous updating

the appearance of the site is also a very important factor affecting the user experience, although different people love different style, but the design of the site as a whole, we must pay attention to the user’s visual experience, although we can not adapt to all tastes, but we have to do to 90%.


two, the appearance of the site

now whatever you do is what kind of website, the user experience is a site traffic core foundation, especially in the present, the major search engines continue to transform their own algorithm, is to let a lot of people don’t know how to optimize their website, which also makes the user experience become more important.


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