Five big changes around the love of Shanghai in search results


love Shanghai as the largest number of users of search engines, is progressive (excluding the search results to their products as a priority, from the results) began to focus on the search engine, search results are always changing. For a better user experience, on the other hand is the love of Shanghai’s monopoly ambitions. Four big changes this article especially to love Shanghai in search results for illustration and description, different industry site optimization must consult the search results, an antidote against the disease is the kingly way.

share button with


share button to appear for a long time, some sites have joined the button code, some owners are afraid to have no adverse effect on

love Shanghai introduced the industry qualification certification aims to combat counterfeiting, fraud site. This result has the same function with the first point. Now the authentication result is not common, but many travel sites do the certification. There are many small sites.

The popular website

, three search results appear in the add beloved Shanghai home ";


search results in the probability of fraud website is very large, Baidu are unable to recognize, remember last year’s moon cake fraud Baidu let the reputation, Baidu can not always because of fraud and slander, must give users an account, then there is the truth. Search for "electrical maintenance" appeared in the warm love Shanghai reminded, is not only the word, "air conditioning maintenance", "computer maintenance" this kind of words are the same remind. You can see the industry hot words you do is remind. The search for "Shanghai dragon" also appeared in love Shanghai remind, but this is purely to remind Baidu self promotion, on the other hand also said Shanghai dragon team increasingly large.



thought that the love will appear in Shanghai member search results, after the exit, the normal user search is still a "add beloved Shanghai home" button. Not all sites can be Baidu favor, A5 has many articles to analyze this phenomenon, in short to have this mark, the site must be very cow, love is very popular with users. With this symbol of the sites are often very popular, too Baidu to a user account. But on the other hand, if you click on the "add beloved Shanghai home", will pop up login box, this is obviously induced by forcing users to register as a member of the Shanghai love.

In fact,

, a search result in "love Shanghai remind you";

Four, the search results in Shanghai

two, the search results appear in the "love Shanghai" authentication;

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