How do online tool type website ranking Shanghai Dragon

friends of the chain’s role is to improve the keywords ranking, but also bring the weight and flow effect. For example, the short URL must find my peer short URL for friends of the chain, key words for short URL. Of course, a chain is not free to change, change the weight of a chain in quite a chain, the railway station, K station, drop right, included not normal chain refuse! Otherwise it will bring you right down, the effect of K station. The Huang Kun I have deep experience, because in this year, short URL because my station chain is right down 2 times.

this short URL has results I summarized some experience I do on this station:

online tool is different from the information portal, the station. Basically is a single page, not updated daily published articles. Huang Kun today I took a case of my own tell us about how to optimize the online tool type


this online short URL is BR2, PR4, tens of thousands of traffic.


Huang Kun, I’ve been busy, so I didn’t have time to update the article. After a lapse of two months, just have a little time to write this article. I think that many webmasters are exposed to some types of websites such as online tools, online generated two-dimensional code, short URL, online HTML encryption what tools online website.

3. Links

so the chain is still to be released on the chain release platform, look at your own tool station type. Here are a few examples: platform love Shanghai know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar library.

I take a short URL online case about it, look at the proof:

this short URL is 13 years in November on the line. Since the station have been more than a year and a half. Of course, the weight is not recently in the early 14 but almost this weight.



4. web site title, keywords, description

said recently love Shanghai revoked outside the chain, Shanghai dragon world is no longer the chain said Public opinions are divergent., swimming. Huang Kun here to express their idea: just cancel the chain function, not the removal effect of the chain. Remove the chain function let the chain become more demanding, owners can not be in a casual spam chain, let Shanghai dragon more on a threshold.


soft effect is to provide brand awareness, let your website brand make people remember, in the course of time, just off the brand trust. The effect of weight outside the chain of high quality and high quality soft Wen left brought outside the chain than ordinary high very much. Of course, must be made in high quality platform, such as A5, the owners of the house.

2. high quality soft Wen + Chain

online tools site which can be said to be several single page, but the station optimization is equally important, we do not need to update the station. The title, key > we do set a good website

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