2016 website optimization can not be ignored in the search engine five trends

there is no doubt that App’s important position will not soon be shaken by other things, because data show that users spend on mobile App time consumption accounted for the total time in digital media 52%. Not only that, the mobile terminal sales of the top 500 enterprises in 42% are derived from mobile App orders.

although the content itself plays a major role in transformation of the user, but the importance of search engine optimization technology still can not be ignored. The industry matures, promote the brand focusing their efforts to work behind the scenes, these are working behind the scenes to help promote the content into the public view, emerge.

in the new year, marketers need to pay attention to what search front to walk in the market? Columnist Jim Yu research shows that the need to pay close attention to the five major trends.

a year on the occasion of the arrival of the new brand, need to pay attention to the 5 Shanghai dragon trend.

In 2015

announced their new baby aristocracy use machine learning system. RankBrain. The use of A.I. technology to better understand the search intention. Google claims that the search needs of this special > before the search engine encountered never seen


1. mobile APP need to optimize

mobile App will be in 2016 to become one of the important factors affecting the quantity and brand exposure rate of retrieval. In 2015, we can already see the mobile search volume over the desktop and mobile search volume, App usage is also growing. These App will become an indispensable tool for mobile customer experience.

2. structured data will become more important

in order to ensure customer loyalty to the brand, the brand needs to optimize the user experience of these applications. A well-designed application should be consistent with the enterprise brand image and information publicity. Note that when users search application in app store, they can only see the information contained the least amount of product icon only. So, all the pictures used in the application program, especially the icon must image, can attract users into more information about the application.

when all applications are to seize the user, should pay close attention to the application of the star and comments. If the user application is started to complain about some of the details wrong or a poor user experience, then the enterprise should immediately correct this problem, let the user know that they reflect the problems solved.

search and content marketing in 2015 has undergone major changes. In order to content itself to the creation will become the past, but search and social data are increasingly being used to guide the content creation. For brands, this change is a part of improving the participation of vital, can help their content to attract audiences.

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