Stable three year old webmaster website keywords ranking have something to say

I always think only really original thing, the scarcity of the text is to attract Shanghai in favor of the foundation of love. In Lantian jade network as an example, the three year old station site, but in the content construction in Shanghai did not show the love experienced and steady in the update article, and new sites or principles in the process of very careful, update the article in my grasp is rather not excessive, in their own site of Lantian jade for example of my own in the update before the first material for screening has strict requirements and standards, such as the Lantian jade local news as an example, the author will one day in advance into Shaanxi Xi’an Lantian county to own some friends there to chat, analysis to the nearest jade market price and consumer demand. In order to understand the process of the new analysis by jade lovers such as what kind of style of jade jade bracelets? What kind of style of jade pendant etc. . The author thinks that how we can create more down to earth to understand the article, go grassroots company, understand the consumer really over a person’s identity and industry interaction each other, this time you will find that your writing is like rolling in the Yangtze River water, far continuously, love Shanghai for the current quality requirements have been raised to the white hot stage, the original content of every webmaster in the struggle to build high quality, the author thinks that only deep into the grassroots life, to stand in the other side angle litigant and loving heart to write articles, this is undoubtedly the most love Shanghai love the spirit of food, because the user is not just our God is also love Shanghai search engine God, know each other the relationship between writing and writing ideas for our direction is A very big help.

first, the high quality of the original article is I follow the principles in the content construction.

I think what is the site? What kind of website is very favorite site, we think transposition is not difficult to find, the content of the website can be a real help to the user in a certain extent, after the user enters the site there is a feeling like hunger and thirst to read first, and want to see second articles, etc. into after the ventilation watching you dozens of articles in this browsing amount to a data that is usually said in a signal to love Shanghai, this website is a consumer favorite, of course, traffic is a relative value, only in the same type of competitors on the website can really set instead, in a business station "

second, the original article is just one to meet the needs of users to really help users is the core.

as everyone knows, the website optimization process we how stable keywords ranking is the common concern of many Shanghai dragon Er, in fact, here involves two aspects of a new station is the old station, has a very big difference between the two stable keywords ranking, the author analyze your website today a three year old station in Xi’an Lantian jade I in detail several stable keywords ranking, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

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