Shanghai dragon new Cheats three wheel chain website soft skills

implementation, find some index in 50 stations, with a soft foundation, according to the 30 day of the test, we found that the average weight will write an article which is increased by 0.115, and write an article ranking it estimates a rise in the 1-5 places, and we tested with chain wheel write 3 articles during the period after the update period we observed that the ranking of more than 20, so the weight over several times only.

The new The outer chain

released their own original industry related soft in different platform, released a paper submitted by the original metaphor in stationmaster net, the owners of the house and contribute articles in outdated network and contribute a method, round chain is in stationmaster net article for the linked object, the owners of the house with a soft in stationmaster net release the article links, and behind the net article must include inside the home owners: soft link, and the three article must include the point you optimize the URL station, so the weight will be passed on to the same page, such a simple chain wheel is realized, the once there is not a small effect.


soft round chain is actually very simple, love home after many years of intensive research in Shanghai finally found love included in the X article and have it on the Web page of a certain score, and as the chain wheel a love Shanghai grab the data immediately after the X article links smoothly climb the next link and it will be included, so the page weight will be doubled, in fact, these are according to nature, love home network and therefore made some experiments as follows:

technology is based on research and practice of the method is to rely on.

every day to send a high quality original article should have readability strong, each article is pointing to the next article firmly link, and the destination address of each article in the home station as the center. One day, the fastest one week to see significant results.

Note: the

wheel chain is Shanghai dragon most stable, one of the most effective way of optimization, it mainly can let enterprise website product page keywords text keyword ranking method before the update frequency of the fastest. At present, several similar to the soft wheel chain such as stations, such as a mass software, all belong to the chain wheel, but the stability of these ways is far lower than the soft wheel chain.


we know that the chain the more the better, but the more the chain does not refer to the chain under the same page, but different top-level domain. We can walk with the exchange of soft, the other is the other side of the soft analogy on your website published an article, take it to the other side of the address; you write the soft Wen on his website published an article on your address, come down for a long time, every day for a peer Web site, not a week weight rise quickly.

peer round chain

chain wheel


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