The chain in a secret

know what is outside the chain, but you know the real meaning at the chain?! why should we do outside the chain, why now even appeared on behalf of the industry chain. Must have a lot of chain on behalf of the company, do not know why the chain can enhance the website weight. I believe that this ratio is no less than 95%; however, you don’t take it seriously, this is just my personal guess.

believe that as a webmaster you will spend most of the time in the chain. And believe that the accumulation of mutations can have qualitative. So every day and night around the hair of the chain, leaving traces. The effect can really achieve the effect you want? It will have the effect, but the effect is obvious is the key. Because you can do that others can do it, so as to win is not the way.

actually do the chain why can increase the weight, why get high weights of the chain platform. Why the weight is not high, or zero weight website can also be you do outside the chain of the target. In fact, we also have to say the amount above. Now you can say is the accumulation can have a qualitative leap. It is ready to let the weight, high user on your site visits also said the webmaster often said flow ah, the pro. Weight rather than high weight website to you or to bring you, because of the high weight of the site is to gather the user. Is it to bring you the user, bring traffic, the key reason is that you have visited the site weight up. If you don’t believe, I give you about the webmaster tools, this kind of the third Statistics website is how to calculate the weight, why is the third party, because the official did not say the weight of love Shanghai. Please look at the following

but again, I write this article is not to share with you how to do outside the chain, but to tell you the secrets of a chain. The key is just beginning.

we can re understanding the quantity and quality of the relationship, in fact, the chain in this sentence should be said to have the matter accumulation amount of mutation. The next step is the focus of this paper. To qualitative change, this is the highest realm of the chain. How to achieve the high quality of the chain, here I only said one: to high weight platform external links. How, in fact you have guessed: bawanggengshanggong is not, write an article, many sites will provide submission, also allowed at the end of the article and the source text links.


Shanghai is expected to love "

first we review what is outside the chain, the chain is in between others and your website to build a road, but the road is a site for people not to return, do you agree?! if you don’t understand, the official said the chain is from the other the website into their own websites.

calculation methodShanghai is expected to flow 1~99

not much good at, say.

loveShanghai is expected to flow 100~499

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