Sogou do WeChat search is the vase

public account of millions is an advantage to mention, we all know that WeChat is from the media of millions, even if there are some pseudo Daniel cheating, but released every day to share the experience of the people really dry cargo, or the majority, they share their information to subscribers is mostly original and quite useful. This mass of information even high quality text in Shanghai is therefore fully deserve love such a day, in the face of automatically generated content areas, Sogou have what reason not to do screening, convenient is the fundamental of Internet products, Sogou first do, will become the first person to make money.

WeChat ?WeChat

is not really a fool, with 600 million users and millions of public accounts of the WeChat search naturally will not miss this fat. In June 10th, the long silent strokes again released Sogou, Sogou WeChat search on-line, internal public information resources based on the desktop or WeChat search form, to further expand the business layout and function division of WeChat.

may all of this thing is not very familiar with, to rely on WeChat search on-line Sogou which is not very understanding, so that when the supply and demand of an internal product number reached a certain level, there will be a ranking mechanism, high quality content will be your love, and some just the title of the party nature should not occupy your reading time, while Sogou WeChat search is the stem. The information of some sort displayed in the form of desktop client. So what do these Sogou rely on

on-line search, we will look back to the only index of content, is a bit too limited. It can be said that WeChat has been in a situation, in this game, Sogou WeChat search to do more than just the content distribution, as well as the electricity supplier, sports, entertainment and so on many aspects of the flow guide, it can be said that a shopping search for Taobao monopoly for many years, not only is the love & pain, Tencent also is such. Now this product line, we search in the search bar shoes "there will be a lot of shoe business or related is large, this is the prototype of the shopping search. A period of time, the content will be presented in the form of more segments, there may be a number of third party direct fattened WeChat shop.

, the trend has prompted the public drainage Sogou do these things. It can be said to do WeChat search Sogou is definitely not one family say, can be said to have launched this product, voice of the industry can not be ignored. After all, the public accounts in a long period of time has been to "information island" in the form of the main channel for the public number rose powder is still between the circle of friends to share and recommend, and two websites, the material code drainage channel is very scattered, the lack of uniform flow into the mouth. And this line Sogou search interface, can be said to bring a romance to a happy ending, shoot two hawks with one arrow. To meet the large ones with fly demand, increase the exposure rate, but also make our products in the promotion at the beginning of a lot less resistance.

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