The chain worry the history of the strongest chain acquisition method

This is the

Links are the basic home page link, the weight is very high, but remember, be sure to check out the exchange: the other station is K, Links are using nofollow tags or JS call, whether it is illegal content, whether it is the recent website snapshot. Where to find Links? Love Shanghai Links search platform, search QQ group Links Links, not too much, a new day of 1-2, a maximum of not more than 30, and stable.

a Shanghai dragon master must be soft, master, the most effective method, the number of the chain a successful soft bring is not statistical, the Internet now popular saying "love is sharing", if your advertorial content quality is good enough, it is easy to be reproduced thousands of times. This is equivalent to bring thousands of the chain. Note: the text written after the release in A5, Chinaz, behind several mainstream webmaster portal, there will be a lot of people to help you. In addition, you can buy, the price is not expensive, you can try.

is currently the hottest and most simple way to get outside the chain, query what? ICP record query, website value query, Whois query and so on, love Shanghai in search of these sites, there are many, through their website queries on these sites will get a ", because of the weight of the site is very high. Spider.

3, "the forum view has advertising area, trading area allowed the link plate

forum, forum signature chain

three, Links exchange

, release the soft chain

2, forum signature must see if you can use, can use must be used.

"content is king, the chain for emperor", Shanghai dragon is the most important of these two aspects, do these two points, you can be the site keywords ranking. Today we talk about how to get the best and most stable chain resources, first you have to promise to complete reading this article, because the necessary condition of Shanghai dragon is execution, even if this can do, how can do? Please calm down after reading this article, then the chain worry about

four, the query class website to get outside the chain

5, finally, each registered a forum, must form good register: username, PR, forum signature is available information and so on, every day to collect a few can use the forum, after a few months, you will no longer fear outside chain.

method, the chain of the most used techniques:

! Two,

4, the application link plate, it must apply to a, this must not be deleted.

1, do not post here unless you can add links, make sure not to be deleted when advertising posts.

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