Choice such enterprise how to stand up

rectification method two: use the old domain name to do the new page, re design

old domain name advantage is the ability to do the new domain name weight is relatively high, but in new time will inevitably appear a large number of page 404, so in the new station will be done in the 404 page, change >


I do not intercept too big picture, but from the navigation part of the code and the address of the URL is not difficult to see, the code redundancy of the enterprise stand too much, a large number of tables and some CSS code, the merger did not go with the H1 tags with useless. If you want to modify a little bit, I’m afraid not to redesign the entire station page, the page layout will be DIV and CSS. But it will face a dilemma: if it is new, and not to be loved in Shanghai included, that is a very good solution. Don’t click page layout again, but with the old station a good weight how to solve this problem? URL change is web design taboo, because once the change of ZhengZhan URL means spider re crawl, crawl, index, included ZhengZhan page, only in the case of cannot but can modify the entire station URL. I came up with the following two methods:

We generally believe that the .

website is It is quite common for things, not a website from the line started to keep a "wholly intact", appropriate adjustment to better meet the user experience, but also conducive to the optimization. But the website revision risk is great, let the spider grab a new page, it needs a process. What kind of business station must change? Is the main page of the redundant code too much, even there is a problem. In order to better use optimization, must move "major surgery to such enterprises". But most companies stand only some fine tuning to Shanghai dragon, the following is a comparison of head of large enterprises I recently met station.

static page than dynamic pages, but not so much in the optimization of absolute things, in the face of such a situation, to keep the dynamic page is ok. The article is easy to be included mainly depends on the quality and structure of the site, of course, also can give the page chain attract spider crawl. The enterprise stand the PR value of the domain name 3, domain name is more than a year of time. But as shown in the above, the enterprise URL station is not standardized, the reason is URL with parameters, and the parameter is actually used in Chinese, in some browsers will be transformed into a long character. This URL is difficult to be spider, the revision process must be changed into the directory page or single page form on the website URL.




navigation code

: a rectification method to modify the process as much as possible to retain the URL address

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