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does not rely on the chain, not depending on the content, the Shanghai dragon and other valuable things I can do? The answer is definitely, there! We are going to talk about the chain, this thing is really too "promiscuous", as long as you are engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry should will understand this point, whether it is valuable or worthless. Because of things, it is clear to everyone. For website content, if the content of the website is a pure original, long time natural weight will be, even if the search engine K has fallen as long as what some will adhere to the original. But after the first half of this experiment, I found that I was totally wrong. Because the search engine is love you, not so much with the original, it is your content is not really valuable.

six months ago, I said "retreat" Shanghai dragon ring, and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng not much related work, half a year later, is also returning, so today is to send the questions according to the author in the first half of this year to experience in a Shanghai Longfeng outsider to analyse this problem. Although the first half of this year almost did not send a chain (care, like the Shanghai dragon just outside the chain like), but I also sometimes wrote articles published on several websites themselves, and looking up every week at least one.


take on a presentation, is not that not too many things have meaning displayed? Actually I think so, because Shanghai dragon of the thing in itself is very abstract, not the one or two words can make people understand understand. After the first half of this year’s precipitation, now let’s talk about Shanghai Longfeng this thing, suddenly feel very difficult, difficult difficult in where, you need to create something of value to your customers, and what is the value of it, considering the problem you have

but half a year past, I two site are no better, I present a blog, the other one is my own interest in the maintenance of small fresh website. Before I always feel that the chain is really a little cheat, either because the search engine crawlers in order to attract, or increase the number of draw text so as to enhance the specified keywords ranking. If you do not send the chain, only the update, search engine friendliness will restore good, at least not so badly. But now I found that the search engine to give you the weight, not to see your original article is, whether the timing of updates.

again "Shanghai dragon" that I was so familiar with the words, now still feel so warm and familiar, but also feel so strange and distant. This article is not a "didactic literature ‘, not what you teach, but I am in a doubt, to discuss how to present Shanghai Longfeng operation is the

Chinese site so much, you can say that their sites are valuable, but then in turn, of no value to the site I >


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