Record impact on the search engine website server

site in October 9th after the resumption of about half an hour:

had received mail notification, checks the record number. The website for the record information is not my estimation is deleted, the move, server used to be deleted in the domestic space will not allow the. The morning to see the QQ message that open the page, I am from a statistical point of view about last night was closed at noon has closed a total recovery time of about 12 hours.



In September,

from the night to see Shanghai love does not seem to have too many obstacles, Google seems to have some problems, grasping depth, crawling frequency, residence time data are abnormal (this may have a relationship with my domain name record). But it’s okay, let’s focus is not on Google. The time is 9:50 in the evening. We’ll see.

October 10th morning, site:www. of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love returns 404 and start deleting a new snapshot home page. Perhaps a relationship with the exchange server.

October 11th has been updated a snapshot of the next day, and look at this article have included. So far did not seem to have a relatively large impact, only uncomfortable feeling is slow site a lot of days, Miss servers in the country. Love Shanghai for friendly site problems tolerance is relatively high in this is not difficult to see, especially in the general problem. I am Beijing stone recorded the action and communicate with us.

from here, love Shanghai spider has a visit but the residence time compared with normal time seems a little abnormal for 0 and only crawl a page, this usually appear in the page right down. Again in the evening at a time.

IP common sense will temporarily to cause trouble (according to the site spider friendly and close time caused by the different results are not the same), see the next search will make what reaction. If you see the search engine abnormal in this article I will write these abnormal information to share.

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