The boss said Shanghai Longfeng just outside the chain to write text how to break

when the boss said, Shanghai, just outside the chain of soft Wen wrote down the F12, pointing to the dense code to see the boss, laughed and said: boss, I am not only in the hair of the chain to write text, I also study the site layout frame.

how to answer?

. To enhance website skills, at least know how to look at the code

a few days ago a friend found the Shanghai dragon, two people talk for half an hour, one issue is how to prove themselves, asked the reason that this friend is the boss hit was not light, do Shanghai dragon in this industry, hit the question and not strange friend I asked a question: the boss said I do Shanghai Longfeng are just outside the chain and update the soft, just find someone to get a slightly, can do, how to break the

not only describes itself is not lazy, but also indirectly changed the subject, the boss look comfortable.

station in Shanghai Longfeng Er point of view, when the Boss speak such words, or Shanghai Longfeng promotion bottlenecks, or period of time is too short, time according to the above words to go back to the boss, if the bottlenecks in technology, it is necessary to strengthen own skills; for God of Technology for yiyanbuge, can take a table to leave, still learning friends, makes it more difficult. The following Huiyu Cen share several skills upgrading direction to you, and I hope to help you.

smile: boss, write soft hair of the chain is the most basic part in Shanghai Longfeng, at the same time in my spare time I also check the peer data, convenient for improvement, with the intention of customers and in some WeChat group, QQ group, Post Bar forum, but the effect certainly need time based, give me XXXX time and I will give you a satisfactory answer.



Er is the boss of Shanghai Longfeng question situation is not a few, most of the position in the bitter youth, the overall reason is two points: the boss does not know Shanghai dragon! Employees do not understand the Shanghai dragon! Here is not to understand the master, but the understanding of job responsibilities and Shanghai Longfeng daily, if not in the boss is OK, not half did not effect burden to leave, if encountered in the boss, read some Adsense data everywhere in the optimization, do not say your execution is not in place, not hard halves;

Then the

when the boss say "Shanghai dragon just outside the chain to write text", do not rush to theory, stand in the boss’s point of view, what the boss need? Why is that? There are several reasons, ineffective, or is there not ranked order, sometimes the boss does not make money, look at the staff do desperately lying in front of the computer, no effect was very anxious, so the boss was fired from the theory, will undoubtedly further, as Shanghai dragon boss


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