Shanghai dragon really no way to go now

began to participate in the Shanghai dragon, fewer people, competition is not so fierce, and now more and more people took part in Shanghai, Phoenix will gradually mature, the search engine also gradually in the evening and mature, do the webmaster to follow, or potential can not keep up with the pace of the search engine. Compared to before, Shanghai dragon did not done well, but still can do, see how you do. When any one of the industry matures, the result is the same.

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think of Shanghai Longfeng a few years ago, and now look at Shanghai Phoenix, the gap is very obvious. Several years ago, you can easily put a site optimization to the first page, and a few years later, no longer so easy. What is the reason, in fact, there is only one reason, because the site is much, competition is big.

is now the Shanghai dragon, or do enough professional website, either you have enough patience, or you have a quick mind and found force. The most afraid of is the dabbler, technology is not good enough, patience is not enough, there is no idea what. What people do, what do you also Pidianpidian, the Shanghai dragon era has ended, but the real Shanghai dragon age is just coming.

in fact, any industry development process is the same, when an industry is just emerging, although many opportunities, but not many people dare to this industry, because we are in wait-and-see, dare to try. The results of some people to try to do so, we are successful, then add the results, the industry has been very difficult to do, because at that time everyone involved. Although the participation of many people, does not have no way of walking in this industry.

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because the search engine is mature, to the requirements of the station is high, or if the previous ideas do not do good, natural website ranking. Now the Shanghai dragon has not just the competition, you also have some people, technology is not your advantage. Now the Shanghai dragon is about combination of thinking and technology, and Shanghai dragon itself does not have the know-how, is a step by step to enhance the ranking process through the content and the chain. The weight of the high site has the advantage of a new website, try again, also need the time of precipitation.

used to do a product, almost no one is doing, you do, you are the only one, you can easily get the site ranking, and now more and more, any industry in every corner of people involved, it is difficult to find no competition in the industry, whether you do any of the products are found this product has been made. Since competition is not so big, Shanghai dragon means no way to go.

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