Taking Qingdao as an example discuss the site outside the chain of high quality increase method

2, BBS signature of the chain, now most of the forum can use the signature, and the search engine will be regarded as the signature of the chain, but the weight is relatively low, but this is the most simple and the most used method for webmasters, some sections of some forum users need to reach a certain level in order to browse the contents. This section of the chain will not, because the spider permissions and visitors permissions are the same, go to browse, the spider nature itself, but also to say that, even if the tourists and spiders can browse, but the site is using JS call link or shielding spider, so these spiders or the chain not grab, here I offer a method to query the web links can be included, that is the love in Shanghai enter "site: + + space domain forum forum signature domain (for example Such as www..***贵族宝贝,贵族宝贝), but not with "multi query, see again.

3, the chain blog, blog application in Sina or NetEase website, and then update the content on a regular basis, be sure to update your blog, otherwise the weight low, love Shanghai will be from the database the chain will delete your site outside the chain included in this blog.

7, to love the Shanghai library documents, appropriate to add their own links in the document, Shanghai will love the second, it has a high quality of the chain.

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this you all know, the content of the website is done, the ranking is still not up, that is the problem of the chain, the chain share a few methods, not quantity, but quality.

1, the forum outside the chain, the chain should pay attention to the forum is some sections forum banned spider, so in these sections outside the chain is no effect.

6, Shanghai Post Bar to love or love Shanghai know inquiry platform outside the chain, because all search engines are valued in their own products, but the difficulty is this kind of website was rejected outside the chain, not only difficult to do outside the chain, and may also be the title or site is k, here the author provided a the method, that is not the bright hair of the chain, can be in love or in Shanghai know Post Bar with 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/q? S=www.***贵族宝贝 (www.***贵族宝贝 for your domain), such links will not love Shanghai K, but a little cheat love Shanghai, so less is better.

5, similar to the QQ website or online bookmarks, bookmarks collection class search engines love Shanghai’s latest collection of your content, it can speed up the speed of the collection.

4 blog, the chain, the general love of Shanghai search "Shanghai dragon blog" or "blog promotion", because these blogs are allowed to stay outside the chain, but some blog the chain will be called by JS, it is proposed to use the method of the second check.


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