Shanghai Dragon don’t let a commonplace talk of an old scholar these factors affect your ranking and

content: construction site content seems not so much in fact. The quality of words can improve the site sticky, but also can improve the site of PV, many of which are the overall development of your website in the subtle influence, even if you don’t see the word of mouth, also because of the high quality of your content and.

Although there are some websites

robots error: I have seen some sites are not included, no ranking, no more long tail keywords bring traffic, found the website of Shanghai Longfeng doing well, there is no cheating, but finally found is the robots file there is a backslash "/" can let search engine shut out.

preferred domain problem: with and without www www version must choose one, this is not the inevitable factor, just say you choose a suitable site, makes the search engine more friendly, otherwise easy to spread the weight.

keyword ranking keyword ranking: if there are some small fluctuations, so there is no big problem, if the fluctuation range is relatively large, so that the site has some problems, or contact your Shanghai dragon manipulation met search engine bottom line. However, sometimes it may be the search engine problem.

a long time, has made some simple optimization, but the overall effect is not good, may also exist such problems. There are also some Adsense is the beginning and did not care about the work of Shanghai dragon website, after a period of time that no traffic, so began to diagnose their website is a problem today, according to my experience, give you a summary of several important factors affecting the website ranking, please paizhuan.

is punished: if the website was hacked, the server is not stable or "virus, which will eventually affect the normal traffic to your website. In addition, if you can quickly increase keyword ranking by the technique of cheating, then nine out of ten are punished, such a situation, I don’t have to look at other reasons, to make the content and external links, silently waiting for.

If there is a problem: Frequency: The

included site reached good included at least that the search engine will continue to update your website, this may be the long tail keywords ranking and flow, if the website is not good included, so that too few external links, if problems included large web sites, is likely to be the structure of the website itself are unreasonable.

chain website ranking is the external links, this is we all know the truth. But one aspect of the link speed is increased many owners do not understand, and keep the focus on rather than quantity, if your website today increased about 10, no problem. The problem is that you have to keep this frequency, of course, is not to say so much every day, just don’t let the whole external link data show large fluctuations on the line.

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