Network marketing is a team work to seek perfection

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first, there must be a strong determinant.

network marketing is a team work, not on a single two people to complete the work, therefore, the network marketing to do a good job, it is necessary to establish a complete network marketing system. So, how to establish a complete network marketing system, network marketing system what is complete

second, there must be a proactive planning analysis team.

again next, decision analysis >!


is the next analysis. Well, now you can not run errands, sit in the office to brainstorm, you see from the table, think of, all can take all the edge will say, of course, it is important to record the record, the more detailed the better, if necessary, can be recorded, perhaps every time I listen to there will be a different discovery.

this decision can be a person, can also be a team of several people. Their task is responsible for team planning decision, unified guidance on team action. Behind every strong team has such a wise decision, they must have the vision, strategy, wisdom, experience, any head decisions can not appear in their hands, all decisions must undergo a series of repeated demonstration, thoughtful attention far that is to say, a the final decision fails, this decision should also have its own light, but should not be an empty nothing, not considered decision. The decision makers are also responsible for guiding the planning team members, timely discover the advantages and disadvantages of some course of action, for the advantages to actively encourage, improve the whole team action efficiency, and for the downside, it is necessary to stop, to avoid some mistakes should not happen, as the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, a the team without a guide without certain constraints, it will become a messy team, not to mention what efficiency and achievement.

before developing a marketing strategy, it is our task to research. Research what? Research our customers, our market research, the research of our products, we research the counterparts. We research customer preferences, research what they love to eat, love what to wear, what is love, love to love what local consumption, what car, love what grades of things… . anyway, consumers and all concerned, we have to research? Is it have a big head? It is actually very simple, you only need to do a perfect form, and you want to know, eager to know the things on the table, and then choose a suitable market area distribution, of course 80%, you want to make sure that these questionnaires sent out to come back, otherwise, you analyze what

Their main task is to research,

analysis, planning! This is a mental and physical labor, so that if there is no certain ability of people to do this, and even can be said that without them, the team is to run

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