Why to see so many Shanghai Longfeng article still do not rank

the problem of learning

is more of.

? .The  Two. See

what’s the reason?


some friends think it is read by learning a skill of Shanghai dragon, but for many of my friends, see the article sometimes is not an effective way to look at the time just to read the article, but after reading this article, do not know this chapter is about what content, there look at the problem and know, after looking but forgot what content, see or do not know what you mean, do not know what is the meaning of this, there are a lot of ambiguity problems, in the end is to see the problem, or content, why there are so many articles, or do a good website ranking

?The But since the media in ?

Shanghai is now a lot of the dragon, what Shanghai Longfeng articles are introduced, technology, thinking, and routine, in short, all kinds of articles available, as a webmaster facing the market environment, it is necessary to learn, but also to optimize the website ranking, this dilemma is not only to see the things. The problem.

for the ranking problem, there is always a reason, but sometimes often the reason is very simple.

is the problem? Or ranking problem? Or your own

so in the actual work, if you want to solve practical problems, then use the powerful effect of the fragmentation of time, the actual method is efficient to solve the problem, a method is faster. In contrast, if your time is enough, then the system of learning is quite good learning environment and advantage.

but I read so many articles or do a good website ranking

of here is not to say that the system is not good, but for some disadvantages that the system of individual learning, but learning while solving practical problems is not very high, but the system of learning power is strong, more comprehensive and more professional skills, this is a fragmented learning form not comparable.

and knowledge, do the differences

is a very encouraging thing, for the study of Shanghai dragon is also an effective way, whether it is learning or learning system system, is a matter of time, some friends think that learning more time, said that a faster growth of systematic learning environment in essence the natural growth, more, but actually learning system is flawed, that is the time cost of learning system and the learning system is longer, is not conducive to solve the practical problems, this is like a school is the same, in order to graduate, we need to test the content of all kinds of problems are to learn, and all when learning, the cost is just Hagenggao, which means learning system in most cases is not practical, especially have no time to work friends.

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