By early exit from the grassroots webmaster webmaster circle five limitations

many grassroots may come from its technical limitations, in the construction of a website is to find a set of templates and website program. Because the construction cost of a website is not high, just buy a space and domain name, a template can build a youmoyouyang site. Of course, this also leads to many sites homogenization very serious. For example, that a blog template published in Lu Songsong’s blog, I can find any >

every step into the circle of grassroots webmaster heart have a dream, want to in the webmaster circle to break their own piece of heaven. But in fact the webmaster circle as our real life, the competition is very fierce. A successful tothrive grassroots webmaster, naturally also have struck out the webmaster. But when we analyze these early exit from the grassroots webmaster webmaster circle, you will find in them can always see some common limitations, the author will for these limitations to share their views on five points.

two: the location of the site for the limitation of

three: the limitation of

in characteristic and innovation of the

I met many webmaster with dream of grassroots webmaster, is their website operation for communication I often hear about one is operating in the website how to positioning and promotion problem. The author some dumbfounding, this problem is not as a webmaster of you now began to consider, to solve these problems in our site before we need to have a set of ideas on the site. We can see a big problem now facing many grassroots webmaster, it is a hot, many grassroots Adsense see what types of sites can earn money without first position their rush on like a swarm of hornets, positioning the site or the site is not accurate enough, it is easy to meet the limitations of many grassroots webmaster. At the end of these owners are often lost in the operation, do not know how to get to the next site. The only exit webmasters get throught a thing carelessly.

many novice webmaster circle grassroots webmaster almost what the professional technology, of course I also not to say that a site operation need to have what superb professional skills, but as a grassroots webmaster if can master some professional skills, can make your site operation more handy. In the technical limitations at the same time, energy is a big problem. For example, at the site of the update, although the technical requirements is not high, but it is often necessary to persevere, many lazy grassroots webmaster will choose direct acquisition method to update the content. A grassroots webmaster want to deal with the work is not only content updates, website art, technical support, optimization and promotion and so on is the need to consume a large amount of energy, many grassroots Adsense tend to be scorched by the flames. As a webmaster you are not only a website management. This double limitations of many grassroots Adsense in their own technology and energy, web site operators often difficult, finally only hastily exit the circle.

: a limitation of their own energy and grassroots technology.

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