How to solve the site keywords ranking floating

had seen many sites, many times found that although their website title is around the user needs to set up, but when the user through the real title set of keyword search into their website, found the website content and do not match, it usually leads to the website jump out rate is too high, the search engine it is difficult to give such a site to give high weight, so this site will not get good rankings, so we must have keywords in need and title is set to match, for users to create valuable content, and the content of our site to allow users to timely find


third website: the pursuit of large, but have not really meet the needs of users, not the real core competitiveness of

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1: the title of the web site keywords and describe the positioning is not good no attraction, also not to be able to meet the needs of users

believes that the long-term optimal website owners will find friends, love Shanghai update a website ranking will change in time, so the site is relatively small and some floating floating as from first down to fifth, some floating on a little bit as big as from fifth down to 20 or so, and even some the site is always in between the first and second pages of wandering, which makes many webmaster friends feel very worried, very worried, what is the cause of the site keywords ranking unstable? For ranking floating problems and how to solve? Today and share personal experience:

more about the influence of the site keywords ranking floating reconciliation >

is currently a lot of companies are like a grocery store, not related to many of the products are put on a website, they do not have to consider the needs of users, when the user only need you this product, you put other products on the website inside this will not interfere with the user? This will not affect the site’s jump out rate? For example: Anta store and sell a lot of shoes shop, which seems to have a grade? Which has a competitive advantage? Obviously store! So our website must do fine, so it has more user experience, has the better the competitive advantage, so it can better stabilize the site keywords ranking

second: the content of the website is not able to meet the needs of users, not really solve the problem of

we all know a good take the title of the article, can attract the attention of others, then this text at least half of the success, in fact, the title and description of the website also is so, think of us in so many competitors, the user through a keyword search found a lot of websites, so we how to determine the user to click on our website? Is the core of our website title and description to attract people, and our website title also need to be able to meet the needs of users, also have to meet the user needs for better able to attract users click on the

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