Capture the spider to teach you a simple Web log analysis

download address: 贵族宝贝dl.vmall贵族宝贝/c007a5lu0n

log is introduced to here, here to introduce the basic situation of the spider:

due to the use of tools, simplifies our work complicated procedures, so there is no difference between GET and POST introduced some what, also don’t like the transmission protocol, because the software has already been treated, we need to know what is the visiting spider, the spider on the site and significance what kind of, you can download, I have written the document view.

generally because if you are using a space, then the vast majority of space are basically through the following web logs, are stored in the space of the log folder, there may be another folder, you can look inside the space. How to view the site log and then we should say that we find the site log in.

download the software, please unzip, you can run the GnAnalyzer.exe. The following figure:

is on the HUAWEI SkyDrive, the download time may be more trouble, please forgive me.


wants to become a qualified Shanghai dragon ER, then study the search engine spider behavior has become your daily required course, so I’m going to give you a brief overview of how to analyze the web log. Since it is to analyze the web log, the first to meet the prerequisite of nature is to have web log, I will not introduce how to generate and access to the web log in here.

well, basically to introduce today things are introduced to everyone, I hope all of you in the website optimization process in daily >

After the

download address: 贵族宝贝dl.vmall贵族宝贝/c0znz0chen

in accordance with the above operation is completed after the log has been automatically help you analyze well, this time we can go to the save path (recommended desktop) find your own naming task name folder, open the folder in the.Htm report can view the log, as follows:

first, please download a software, this software can help you analyze and check the spider’s behavior.

method is much more simple, click to select the file to create new tasks, tasks were completed (log type selection of automatic detection), the next step to add, select the log file in your path and select your log file (if you do not see the log file, please pay attention to the choice of the type of All (Files.) []), as shown in the next step, select the report (i.e. final results) the save path (suggested desktop), then click next to choose.

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