The bitter history website domain name change

301 jump setting method of different natural host method is different, small series of the United States is the virtual host, using the cPanel control panel, the panel with the function settings 301 redirect function, set up is very convenient. A 301 jump setting, arguably can make the weight of old domain name transferred to the new domain name above, but for the wrong thing, in the setting of 301 jump for 2 days, and no new domain name has not been included, the cancellation of the IP analysis of the old domain name, the domain name directly off the old access. The method of operation and did not let the old domain to the new domain name transfer.

registered a new short domain, more convenient user memory, the first step to the new revision of the domain name to host IP, set the old domain 301 jump to the new domain name. Using.Rewrite to achieve the 301 steering is very simple.

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝88hu贵族宝贝/ [R=301, L]

if you want to achieve the old link all turned to the new domain name:

new domain name domain name has no weight, the old can not access, keywords ranking are also not confused, the occasion to see love Shanghai Webmaster Platform information, how to.

if you want to achieve directory and file to use:

RewriteEngine On

domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the content of the website and traffic are associated with a particular domain name, the Internet giants have so far observed, in the company’s development to a certain stage, will change more in line with the user experience good domain name. Small make up for their own site easy to remember domain name, website to replace a new domain name, but because the revision is not perfect, causing the site to fall.


^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝88hu贵族宝贝/$1 [R=301, L]

RewriteEngine On

had a short time to jump

but use more love Shanghai webmaster tools

to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tool

is not small little effect or submit bugs love Shanghai revision, submitted a revision of the rules, love Shanghai a few days ago has been that prompt is being processed, after a few days of the revision of the rules was canceled, new or no love is included, Shanghai index 0. According to the Shanghai love tools, first verify the new site permissions in the tool submitted domain name revision rules, really do not know where is wrong, the new domain name no weight, have not been included, is to improve the user experience, this is lost wife of another soldier.

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