Discussion on how to optimize the local wedding photography website

(2) how to choose keywords:

to carry on the detailed analysis of key words on the site, and then to realize the website through a series of Shanghai dragon strategy target, analyzed from the following points:

(1): UI design in UI website design, keywords cannot be.

description The number of

1, keywords

Localization of

B, the heat through the analysis of the current site weight is not high, not suitable for popular keywords, keywords and related industries to avoid the hot site competition, so the words heat medium can be, can love the Shanghai index and webmaster tool query key words heat, through the tool to determine type of keywords to achieve long-term rose wedding planning.


is now a large personal photographer into the industry, wedding photography competition is hitherto unknown. The object of network customer is their nature to develop, today I will optimize the regional wedding photography website and share my own experience.

(1) home page description text: Based on keywords and auxiliary keywords description.

A, the user’s search needs: from the love of Shanghai can be seen in the relevant search keywords popularity, and can see what information users need to get. From the analysis of the wedding industry project information and area source of visitors, wedding photography, wedding dress, wedding photography studio are important keywords, because some of these words will be focused on the promotion of the website keywords.

description should be discussed around the theme of the site and the content of the website, reduce unnecessary text accumulation, improve the target

, C key words: multi keyword effect is not single key, because the multi keyword relevance when already dispersed, multi keyword on time is the single keyword time several times, too much effort.




The number of

(2) page description: model works, according to work, wedding tips.

Keywords: keyword analysis Web Design

B, assistant to determine the key words. To determine the main keywords, and then determine the keywords of several auxiliary, such as a combination of extended main keywords with the main keywords. Taking Xiamen area as an example, Xiamen wedding photography which is good, where Xiamen wedding, Xiamen high-end wedding photography, wedding photography is the site of Gulangyu Islet secondary key.


A, the. In the selection process of keywords, keywords will be the highest frequency, the competition is relatively small, moderate heat as the main site keywords. Taking Xiamen area as an example, Xiamen wedding photography, wedding Xiamen, Xiamen wedding photography studio is the website main keywords.

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