love mules see how to make Shanghai site from Shanghai dragon love experience

As shown in figure

love the experience of Shanghai and Shanghai love content layout Encyclopedia of different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the first is the title page, and all the web page, but the difference is we do stand, in the page title with < h1> tag again, this tag is to tell the meaning of the central idea of the search engine the entire page, and love the experience of Shanghai Title did not use < h1> tag, and the entire page is not used at < h1> tag, it explains what is not love Shanghai for this.

, under normal circumstances, the spider will climb to 2 position from the 1 position, and then climbed to the 3 position, the spider climbed to the 3 position, because there is no link content page column page, so the spider can only crawl deeper content page, if the content page links to other column page, so when the spider the 3 position, is likely to run back to the 2 position, grab the other columns and content pages, if the data is large enough, the spider is difficult to further capture, earlier published content may be hard to grasp, and new articles will be grabbing many times, this is undoubtedly a waste, this structure and love the experience of Shanghai is a good solution to this problem, therefore, a very large amount of data of the site can also try this, it is not necessary to imitate the small website.

can be seen, the link structure of the distribution is very reasonable, weight distribution, and we the webmaster do stand is very similar, the only difference is the love experience of Shanghai content pages without links to other columns, my guess is that this is for the large amount of data, let the spider can capture more deeper content I love mules, NiuDao made a legend to explain too horrible to look at.

two, the contents of the layout

, a web site link structure.

is Chinese do love Shanghai Shanghai dragon the most cattle, the love of Shanghai and Shanghai can know the Encyclopedia of love of Shanghai Longfeng many knowledge points, and falling in love with sea was launched near Shanghai Shanghai dragon love experience, work will do well, here we have to see if you can love from the Shanghai experience scientists point out Shanghai dragon.

love experience in Shanghai a total of 15 grade one column, almost 100 or two columns, in addition to a small part of two columns and three columns below. Because it is the germination period, only a few million data. The structure and data, similar to a large part of the grassroots webmaster website, on these sites, love Shanghai experience is the best learning object.

we see the love experience of Shanghai structure is very simple and clear, page links all of a part of columns and two columns. A column of links to all the lower part and the column content, two columns or three columns of the link column and the column content, the content page does not link any column, only one breadcrumbs, and then through the relevant articles and other authors link other related content pages.

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